Accused Wife Killer/Republican Wins Campaign Run From Jail Cell


People wonder how many crimes sitting legislators and supporting staff have committed, but there is little guessing about Andrew Wilhoite. He operated his primary campaign from a jail cell.

Not only that, the Boone County, Indiana Republican won his primary after he had been arrested and charged with killing his wife, Elizabeth ‘Nikki” Wilhoite, according to The Indy Star.Boone County is relatively central in the state.

The jailed man appeared on the ballot as a choice in the race for the Clinton Township Board. And Wilhoite beat his three Republican competitors. He took in a whopping 60 votes.

Even so, there was “no legal reason” to prevent him from running for the seat Indiana election official Brad King told The Kokomo Tribune. His trial has been set for August, the NBC affiliate WTHR reported.

King said:

‘Under our system you are innocent until you are proven guilty. If a person is convicted of a felony, then they are no longer eligible to be a candidate and are ineligible to hold office.’

His wife had just finished chemotherapy for breast cancer when he was accused of hitting her with a flower pot during an argument, The Boone County Indiana Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page. 

After the Indiana State Police found Nikki Wilhoite’s body in a nearby creek, they arrested her husband and charged him with “murder.” He was being held in jail with no bond. She had already filed for divorce, because she discovered he had been having an affair.

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Andrew Wilhoite, 39, was arrested in March on charges of killing Elizabeth “Nikki” Wilhoite, 41, the local CBS affiliate reported. Kansas indicated that he had admitted the crime to them.

It is a little difficult to see whether Wilhoite can undertake his job given he will be committed to the prison cell most of the time. Normally, people who are jailed must forfeit their office. However, the Republican was convinced that was not true for his office, should he win his election.

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