Meghan McCain’s Terrible Book Flops Hard, Only 300 Copies Sold


Senator John McCain (R-AZ) described himself as the Republican “maverick.” Most notably, when the Senate was one vote from killing the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare), he came to the floor late at night, when he was very sick and gave a dramatic thumbs down. But that was just the latest of his important votes. The book that his daughter Meghan McCain wrote could have been a best-seller as a biography. But it was a flop.

Bad Republican: A Memoir hit the market on April 26 but has “fewer than 300 copies sold.” The Wall Street Journal wrote that Meghan McCain was the “bad Republican,” and:

‘In a new book, the TV host writes about her New Memoir “Bad Republican” Flops With Fewer Than 300 Copies Sold.’

She told what it was like to grow up as the daughter of an “icon,” according to the book’s publisher Penguin Random House:

‘The book reveals what it was like to grow up as an American icon’s daughter and how the senator impacted her life. Readers find out how she dealt with the New York “dating scene and brings us up to speed on meeting her now-husband.’

Meghan McCain was a co-host of ABC’s The View beginning in 2017. The show earned two daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host during her tenure.

While her last moments as John McCain lay dying from brain cancer are touching, the details of her own life are far less so. Most of us could care less about Donald and Melania Trump’s call to her:

‘Revealingly, she relays the awkward phone call she received from Donald and Melania and where she thinks the Republican Party and the country go from here. And with surprising candor, she divulges why a miscarriage and the birth of her daughter have left her so fired up about women’s rights—even if that puts her at odds with her party.’

The book delves into her Twitter disagreements with one of her father’s former advisers, Steve Schmidt, who has since left the Republican Party. According to The Daily Beast. Schmidt called her an “entitled bully:”

‘I was the first adult that Meghan McCain ever encountered that she heard the word “NO” from.’

McCain apparently did not pass on some of his best genes to his daughter. Perhaps this is why:

‘We hear her views on cancel culture and internet trolls as well as life backstage as the sole Republican at America’s most-watched daytime talk show—and why she decided to leave.’

Penguin Random House wrote about the book:

‘With the aptly titled “Bad Republican,” Meghan McCain expresses how it is to feel like you no longer fit in with your political party.’

Amazon carries both the hardcover and Kindle versions and wrote:

‘As the daughter of the late Senator John McCain, Meghan has been steeped in the high-stakes political arena since childhood. Often said to possess the McCain Gene. “[I inherited the] maverick gene. my dad’s heartburn-inducing ability to say what he thinks.'”

Perhaps, Schmidt is correct.

Featured Image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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