‘OAN’ News Forced To Admit 2020 Election Lies During Live Broadcast


One America News (OAN), a far-right network supportive of Trump, admitted in a new segment that claims made about supposed widespread election fraud involving election workers in the Atlanta area during the 2020 presidential election cycle were false. The network admitted as much in tandem with the settlement of a defamation claim from two Georgians who served as election workers during the 2020 cycle and were the subjects of false claims.

“Georgia officials have concluded that there was no widespread voter fraud by election workers who counted ballots at the State Farm Arena in November 2020,” the network’s segment said. “The results of this investigation indicate that Ruby Freeman and Wandrea ‘Shaye’ Moss did not engage in ballot fraud or criminal misconduct while working at State Farm Arena on election night. A legal matter with this network and the two election workers has been resolved to the mutual satisfaction of the parties through a fair and reasonable settlement.”

Freeman and Moss (who’s Freeman’s daughter) — those behind the defamation litigation — faced both online and in-person threats and harassment amid the deluge of false claims about their supposed involvement in imaginary fraud. As reported on this site, on January 6, 2021, a group of Trump supporters apparently surrounded Freeman’s home, which she’d just recently fled. At another point, someone showed up at Moss’s grandmother’s house, saying they were there to make a “citizen’s arrest” connected to the imaginary fraud. The pair have also targeted the far-right website called The Gateway Pundit and longtime Trump ally Rudy Giuliani with defamation litigation related to the lies spread about them. Giuliani — just about always a stand-out among buffoons — characterized footage as supposedly showing Freeman and Moss acting like they were “passing out dope.” Obviously, that description was ridiculous. In reality, the duo were merely completing their election-related responsibilities.

One America News, meanwhile — which was once cited by Trump in a tweet claiming millions of his votes were somehow deleted around the country — was recently dropped by DirecTV, further isolating the fountainhead of delusional propaganda. As shared on this site, One America News sued DirecTV and its majority owner, AT&T, over the pre-announced drop from DirecTV — and remarkably, One America News sought $1 billion in damages. The network claimed DirecTV and AT&T used “unchecked influence and power” to “unlawfully destroy an independent, family-run business and impede the right of American television viewers to watch the news media channels and programs of their choice.” One America News also alleged that, with the announcement of the impending removal, “AT&T and DirecTV signaled to the public that something was wrong, hurting OAN’s business and standing in the news media business.” One America News didn’t need DirecTV to hurt their standing in the news media business — they secured that embarrassment themselves.

Check out the new segment from One America News below: