Trump-Loving Elections Official Caught Copying Secret Voting Data


Yet another Colorado elections clerk has been revealed to have improperly accessed and copied data from his county’s election machines. The first, Mesa County’s Tina Peters, faces a number of charges for identity theft, copying election-related data, and apparently revealing details of what she helped swipe, which she discussed during a “cyber symposium” put on by MyPillow’s Mike Lindell, a longtime Trump ally. Peters was convinced that there’d been election fraud. Then, there was Elbert County’s Dallas Schroeder.

Shortly after the symposium, Schroeder — his county’s elections clerk — copied elections data. Apparently, these individuals do not learn. Surveillance footage may have caught Schroeder in the act. Reuters wrote late last month:

‘[Schroeder was] fiddling with cables and typing on his phone as he copied computer drives containing sensitive voting information.’

Colorado authorities were trying to retrieve hard drives containing the copied Elbert data for over a month. The MAGA believers of the Big Lie stole voting data. Election Clerk Dallas Schroeder finally surrendered the drives after he received a court order to do so.

He also testified that a couple of state conspiracy believers associated with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell helped him steal the data late last summer, The Daily Beast reported. In turn, he provided one copy to his attorney John Case and one to a separate attorney, thus far unnamed to members of the public. These conspiracy theorists said they had copied the Elbert County voting information.

Schroeder interacted with Lindell TV commentators Mark Cook and Shawn Smith that day, Yahoo News shared. These folks were dead serious. Smith claimed that Colorado’s secretary of state “deserve[d] to hang” if involved in perpetrating (imaginary) fraud. He leads Cause of America, a Big Lie believer organization.

The Elbert clerk said that he had, indeed, borrowed a $4,000 device he called the Logic Cube Forensic Falcon Neo Device. It allowed him to copy the machines’ information. Shawn Smith was seen in the crowd trying to breach the U.S. Capitol building last year, Yahoo News said.

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Hopefully, that will be the end of these claims.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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