‘The Lincoln Project’ Trashes GOP ‘Carnival Barkers’ In Latest Video


A lot will be at stake in the upcoming midterm elections, and The Lincoln Project is sticking by its fight to stop the tide of Trumpism — and general insanity — from prevailing. It remains unsettling how fervently that some of these pro-Trump, far-right radicals believe in their alternate, nonsensical version of reality — and it’s a conspiracy framework with which they’re willing to run even if they have to essentially trample over democracy to do it.

Throughout the unfolding primary election season leading up to the midterms, Trump and those allied with him have consistently gotten involved in GOP primary battles, endorsing candidates who back the pro-Trump line — including the utterly bonkers notion that the 2020 presidential election was somehow stolen — and feverishly opposing those who’ve dared to disagree. In other words, Trump and certain allies of his are working to make the Republican Party more radical, pushing their opponents out of substantive leadership positions. In a new video from The Lincoln Project, a narrator says as follows:

‘Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits, the screamers. The criminals. The carnival barkers and their loyal clowns. The ones who don’t like differences — they hate the rules, and they have no respect for you. You can’t reason with them or disagree with them. They glorify villains and vilify heroes. About the only thing you shouldn’t do is ignore them, because they have a plan to push America backwards. And while some may see them as crazy, we know they’re dangerous. Because if we don’t fight, the people who are crazy enough to think they can stop progress will.’

Check out the new video below:

With the Senate currently split 50-50 and Democrats in control only because of Kamala Harris’s role as a tiebreaker, the outcome of a single Senate election could decide how control of the chamber looks for the next two years. Currently, the Cook Political Report rates three Democrat-held Senate seats that will be on the ballot this year — and two GOP-held ones (in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) — as toss-ups, although obviously, these are just educated estimates of how the elections will unfold. In one of the races with a Democratic incumbent that the Cook Political Report calls a toss-up, Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) has consistently had strong showings in polls. As for the House, it’ll also likely come down to the wire, it seems. Redistricting threatens to have an outsized impact on the outcome. Although the case isn’t over, a Florida judge recently struck down Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’s plans to carve up a district currently represented by Democrat Al Lawson, who is Black. DeSantis’s plan put voters from Lawson’s district in four new districts across north Florida.