Family Of Vladimir Putin Hit With Devastating Sanctions


American allies have been sanctioning not only Russian President Vladimir Putin but all those surrounding him as another plan to shut down his attack on Ukraine. Of course, some of the oligarchs had their mega-yachts detained. But now, the British have netted “her grandmother Anna Zatseplina and ex-wife Lyudmila Ocheretnaya,” among others. One of those others is Putin’s alleged mistress Alina Kabaeva, 30 years his junior.

Kabaeva is an Olympic champion gymnast. Plus, rumor has it that she is also the mother of some of Putin’s children. And now she has suffered from his attack on Ukraine, according to the UK Government:

‘Today’s sanctions will hit this cabal who owe Putin their wealth and power, and in turn support Putin and his war machine.’

She won the Olympic gold medal in rhythmic gymnastics in 2004. Now, she works in politics, founded a nonprofit foundation, and headed Russia’s National Media Group, according to The Wall Street Journal. Her salary with the Media Group netted her almost $12 million by 2018.

However, it was not only her longtime affair with the Russian president that put the. target on her back. She is involved in a media propaganda group, which has been especially busy as of now: 

‘His family members form a core contingent of his inner circle—receiving positions of power due to their affiliation to the regime.’

The American government feared that sanctioning her would be an insult to the Russian president. But there has been a long list of sanctionable actors. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said when questioned about Kabaeva, The Daily Beast reported:

‘No one is safe from our sanctions. There’s more we will likely do.’

According to Radio Free Liberty (FERL):

‘Of course, society has the right to know about the lives of public figures, but even in this case there are certain limits.’

Kabaeva may be living in a Swiss chalet during the invasion of Ukraine. Switzerland has been traditionally nonactive in politics — until Putin invaded the sovereign nation Ukraine. Page Six indicated that the Swiss are not crazy about having the woman in residence. Indeed, over 70,00 have signed a petition to have her expelled, according to the Daily Beast:

‘Despite the current war, Switzerland continues to host an accomplice of Putin’s regime.’

The Wall Street Journal has also reported that Kabaeva was spotted in Switzerland. In April, she was photographed in front of posters with the ‘Z” logo. The former gymnast said:

‘Every family has a war-related story, and we must pass these stories to next generations. We will only win from this.’

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Not only did Putin lose his humongous yacht, he also lost his gigantic Putin’s Palace located on the Black Sea, The Guardian reported:

‘The sanctions thus targeted what the statement called a “wallet” of relatives and associates. The statement said: “Putin relies on his network of family, childhood friends, and selected elite who have benefited from his rule and in turn support his lifestyle. Their reward is influence (sic) over the affairs of the Russian state that goes far beyond their formal positions.’

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Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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