Kinzinger Bucks GOP & Joins Dems To Pass Domestic Terrorism Bill


For years, the Democrats have been trying to get a bill passed to target home-grown terrorists, but with no success. Last weekend a White teen committed mass murder in Buffalo, New York. The 18-year-old did recognizance, scoping out the grocery store he would hit before he traveled once again to the city to live-stream his racist attack on the store.

But the shooter was, indeed, terrorizing the community he attacked. America can no longer hold that terrorist attacks come from foreign terrorists alone. Now, White men have joined the attackers.

Only one Republican Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) voted for the bill, so it passed 222 to 203. Its purpose was to take on the home-grown terrorists. It included both established far-right attackers, lone wolves, and the part guns play in current violence.

Representative Brad Schneider (D-IL) introduced a bill like this back in 2017. He said, according to The Guardian:

‘We in Congress can’t stop the likes of (Fox News host) Tucker Carlson from spewing hateful, dangerous replacement theory ideology across the airwaves. Congress hasn’t been able to ban the sale of assault weapons. The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act is what Congress can do this week to try to prevent future Buffalo shootings.’

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) is sponsoring a twin bill in the Senate:

‘As we took 9/11 seriously, we need to take this seriously. This is a domestic form of the same terrorism that killed the innocent people of New York City and now this assault in Buffalo and many other places.’

As it stands, the federal agencies that already “investigate, prevent, and prosecute acts of Domestic terrorism. Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) was “very negative about the measure:”

‘This bill glaringly ignores the persistent domestic terrorism threat from the radical left in this country and instead makes the assumption that it is all on the white and the right.’

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The shooter’s rambling 180-page screed wrote about what he was doing and why. The guy mentioned “replacement theory,” which some now identify as “Republican replacement theory,” according to the Associated Press (AP).

So what is that? The theory inaccurately claimed that Democrats want to modify America’s White-dominated society to include minorities of all races and religions. And then “replace” the White population with these minority groups.

‘We’ve seen it before in American history. The only thing missing between these organizations and the past are the white robes. But the message is still the same hateful, divisive message, that sets off people to do outrageously extreme things, and violent things, to innocent people across America. It’s time for us to take a stand.’

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Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump said:

‘Just because it was a Black grocery store doesn’t make it any less than any other massacres, whether it’s Columbine or the Oklahoma City bombing.’

The cost would be about $105 million spread out over a five-year period. And the Democrats in the Senate intend to bring their measure up for a vote in the coming week.

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