Tina Peters Notified Of Ethics Complaint After Mike Lindell Cash Funnel


It appears that Grand Junction, Colorado’s Tina Peters is in trouble again. The Mesa County Clerk will appear before the state’s Independent Ethics Commission for allegedly accepting significant gifts from Donald Trump’s buddy MyPillow owner, Mike Lindell. Republican Anne Landman of Grand Junction said per The Complaint that Lindell has spent “hundreds of dollars to an out-of-state legal defense fund that supports Peters.”

The complaint read:

‘Peters has been operating under a cloud of secrecy as donors and the donated amounts have not been publicly disclosed. Indeed, a public official receiving approximately $800,000 from a single donor and unknown amounts from other donors triggers the concerns Advisory Opinion 13-01 (the 2013 opinion) seeks to avoid.’

That member of the GOP also filed two earlier Complaints, and now the Commission has determined that the Complaint was also non-frivolous. Lindell let slip to a 9News reporter during an April rally that he was paying Peter’s legal defense fund all that money. He sent it to her Colorado criminal defense legal fund, StandWithTina.org,

That was not a good look for a woman who is campaigning for Colorado’s Secretary of State. An earlier grand jury found that she had two other charges of a security breach to the Mesa County’s election system in 2021.

The Colorado Newsline reported that  Peters also is looking at alleged obstruction charges for taping a court session sans permission. Then she obstructed a related search warrant.

Peters has encouraged her supporters to give her money through the Legal Office Fund. The Complaint said she took it down after the January 2022 IEC Complaint. Now she sends her donations to the Lindell Legal Offense Fund. It is blind, meaning not showing who it supports or donors, just that they have been “vetted. In addition,  it did not list who it supports on its website, only that they are “vetted” by Lindell.

He told the reporter that he had contributed:

‘[T]hree, four, five, maybe $800,000 [of his own money to Peters.]’

According to the Colorado Constitution can only accept a gift valued at $65 unless that person is a relative or a close friend. But Peters also failed to file her public disclosure donor lists and financial contributions to legal defense funds as required since 2013.

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The earlier complaints also involved her Legal Defense Fund. It seems that she accepted rides on Lindell’s personal jet:

‘Peters received a stay on the complaint about the flights until after district court proceedings that also involve the behavior are complete.’

He said the two were not in a private relationship, and then she acknowledged she has 30 days to address this “latest complaint,” The Business Insider revealed.

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Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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