Giuliani Betrays Trump & Meets With Jan. 6 Committee


Rudy Giuliani finally met with the House committee investigating the Capitol riot. The meeting — a virtual one — reportedly lasted for more than nine hours and took place on Friday. It’s not immediately clear what topics were explored, but Giuliani is obviously in a prime position to provide the panel with relevant info. Rudy was closely involved in the efforts around Trump to secure an unearned second term for the then-president.

Giuliani even traveled the country in support of those election subversion efforts, appearing at various hearings involving state legislators where he pushed his nonsense to these officials. Giuliani showed up in states including Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, all of which Biden won and all of which were contested by the Trump team. Giuliani also got involved in the legal defense of a court case in Pennsylvania seeking to block the certification of the state’s presidential election outcome. The case hinged on claims mail-in ballots that would have otherwise been disqualified were improperly allowed to be corrected by voters; Trump’s side argued against the practice in connection to the fact that correcting ballots wasn’t an opportunity for voters in all Pennsylvania’s counties. Giuliani used court arguments surrounding that case — which, like so many others, was unsuccessful — to push wider conspiracy theories about the imaginary widespread fraud that Trump still claims stole the election from him.

Giuliani has faced a variety of serious consequences in connection to his promotion of lies about the election. He was suspended from practicing law in New York and Washington, D.C., and he’s been hit with a raft of defamation litigation, including a $1.3 billion case from Dominion Voting Systems, an elections technology company that has been the subject of numerous pro-Trump conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. Recently, Giuliani also lost in his attempt to stop separate defamation litigation from an ex-Dominion executive, Eric Coomer. As previously reported here, a Colorado judge’s decision to allow Coomer’s case to proceed over the apparent objections of interests including the Trump campaign means, CNN notes, that it’s moving towards trial — and the opportunity for a more extensive discovery process allowing for the uncovering of more details about the months-long campaign of deception in which Trump and allies of his engaged.

When originally subpoenaing Giuliani, the January 6 committee noted he “actively promoted claims of election fraud on behalf of the former President and sought to convince state legislators to take steps to overturn the election results,” adding: “He was reportedly in contact with then-President Trump and various Members of Congress regarding strategies for delaying or overturning the results of the 2020 election.” Besides his other efforts, Rudy was also among those apparently involved in attempts to assemble falsified electoral votes for Trump in key states Biden won.