Angry Constituent Confronts & Embarrasses Marjorie Greene In GA


In what world is it a good idea as a member of Congress to angrily interrupt one of your own constituents when they’ve brought concerns to you about past comments of yours? That’s what Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) did at a recent campaign stop in Georgia when confronted by a voter who asked about her past remarks that have been described as promoting the idea of “Jewish space lasers.”

That voter indicated that he was a lifelong Republican but would be voting Democrat for the first time because of her. Speaking to someone else at the campaign gathering, the voter — Alex Boyle — expressed disgust at Greene’s stance towards Russian leader Vladimir Putin. “Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave to know that there’s people that claim to be Republican and sympathizing with Vladimir Putin. It is despicable,” he said. Greene has resisted attempts in Congress to help the Ukrainian people currently fighting back against Putin’s violence. She’s also sought to downplay the situation — it’s “an eight-year long smoldering conflict in which peace agreements have been routinely violated by both sides,” Greene claimed. These comments essentially directly back up the Russian lie that Ukraine did something to provoke the current war.

Around the same time when that voter spoke out, Greene was also confronted by a reporter who questioned her about whether she had concerns that some of her past comments could be helping contribute to rising anti-Semitism in Georgia and her own Congressional district, where anti-Semitic incidents have spiked. In previous comments, the Congresswoman suggested interests including the Rothschild investment banking firm were tied to the imaginary sparking of a large California wildfire via a laser beam from space. There’s obviously no real-world evidence to back up this notion, although the Rothschilds — a wealthy Jewish family — have long been fixtures of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Greene claimed to the reporter that she was unaware of the Rothschilds’ longstanding usage in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories at the time of her original post. In other words, her defense appears to be ignorance about something she nonetheless attempted to authoritatively address in her original remarks years ago.

In Congress, Greene hardly does anything substantial — although recently, she certainly distinguished herself by advocating for basically potentially starving migrant babies. She complained about the Biden administration continuing to provide for the nutritional needs of babies from outside the country under its responsibility as a baby formula shortage plagues the U.S. While there are numerous other options for addressing the shortage, Greene’s choice was to ghoulishly rush to the possibility of basically potentially starving very young children who happen to be foreign. “The Biden administration is sending pallets of baby formula to the border for illegal aliens, while American mothers are crying in the grocery store searching for it. We should Protect America First!” Greene recently complained. That’s just who she is.