Merrick Garland Moves Forward With Trump Election Meddling Probe


There have been a number of states whose Republican leaders tried to present fake electors to former Vice President Mike Pence. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is on their trail now. In Georgia, the Department of Justice (DOJ) sent out the FBI to interview the Republicans connected to Donald Trump for his second campaign.

They interviewed Patrick Gartland (R) of Marietta GA who dropped out of the race. He told CNN in an exclusive interview:

‘They just asked who talked to me. If anyone from the Trump campaign had been in touch with me. Did Giuliani talk to me?’

Gartland and others in Georgia who received subpoenas have to hand over their communications. The subpoena read in part:

‘[A]ny member, employee or agent of Donald J. Trump or any organization advocating in favor of the 2020 re-election of Donald J. Trump.’

Eighty-five-year-old Gerald Wall (R) succumbed to COVID-19 during the 2020 presidential election. Therefore, he could not serve as an elector. A GOP substitute had to take his place, but Wall said:

‘I had nothing to do with the signing of the affidavits. [The investigators] Just asked me how I felt about that. I said yes, there was irregularities in Michigan.’

The FBI agents served Wall a subpoena to appear before the grand jury. But he said he had “nothing to share,” even if he could travel:

‘I told them in my shape I am not going to Washington.’

Another Republican official came home in “rural northern Michigan” only to find a couple of men in black waiting for him. He said:

‘One was an FBI agent, the other from the National Archives. Instead of standing in the garage, I invited them into the house.’

Then, the FBI went to a previous Georgia Republican official. They wondered whether he had spoken to any Trump campaign officials since the election. Gartland wanted Jason Shepherd to replace him, but the GOP  member did not after getting served with a subpoena in late 2020 to testify in the federal grand jury process.

Shepherd told CNN:

‘They were asking about the campaign and the slate in Georgia, trying to figure out what I may have had access to and been privy to.’

He ended with:

‘The devil really has to be in the minutiae and the details.’

They talked to him for less than an hour and wanted to know primarily about Trump’s 2020 Michigan election slate. Unfortunately, they did send those electors’ names in even though President Joe Biden won.

The sobering purpose of The FBI has basically been as an “intelligence-driven and threat-focused national security organization with both intelligence and law enforcement responsibilities:”

‘It is the principal investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Justice…[It] has the authority and responsibility to investigate specific crimes…The FBI also gathers, shares, and analyzes intelligence, both to support its own investigations and those of its partners and to better understand and combat the security threats facing the United States.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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