Mo Brooks Gets Fact Checked Hard During ‘Fox News Sunday’


Watching the Fox News Sunday show became an interesting alternative to its traditional nonsense. The senator from Alabama, Mo Brooks (R) got into it with the host Sandra Smith who was the guest host, and sparks began to fly. They were arguing over the 2020 presidential election.

The Alabama senator said there had been widespread voter fraud, ergo, he wanted stricter election laws. But the guest host, Smith, pointed at the 60-plus courts, which had ruled that was not so.

Brooks told Smith, Yahoo News reported:

‘The congressmen and senators disagree with you, with what you just said. Elections are going to be stolen if we don’t fix these problems.’

The two began talking at once instead of listening. Brooks brought up “unproven allegations” and went to a questionable movie about the 2020 elections called 2000 Mules:”

‘You just made a false statement. The courts are not the final arbiter of who wins federal election contests.’

Smith replied:

‘And that has been looked at and fact-checked by multiple outlets, including Reuters, who have [reported] there isn’t any proof that there was widespread voter fraud.’

It began with Donald Trump dropping the Alabama senator who has been up against another Republican in the primaries. The vote has been so close that it became necessary to hold a runoff vote. Brooks crime? He simply stated that the Republicans should “move on from the 2020 election.”

Brooks was allegedly subpoenaed by the House January 6 Select Committee in charge of the investigation, along with several others. However, the senator claimed he had not yet been served with a subpoena.

The Denver Post reported the movie “2000 Mules” used “flawed analysis:”

‘A film debuting in over 270 theaters across the United States this week uses a flawed analysis of cellphone data and ballot drop box surveillance footage to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 presidential election nearly 18 months after it ended.’

Supposedly, the “proof” the film used showed “Democrat-aligned ballot ‘mules”‘ in key swing states in the 2020 presidential elections:

‘[The mules] were supposedly paid to illegally collect and drop off ballots in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.’

But the facts showed where the movie went wrong:

‘If a cellphone went near a drop box more than 10 times and a nonprofit more than five times from Oct. 1 to Election Day, True the Vote assumed its owner was a “mule” — its name for someone engaged in an illegal ballot collection scheme in cahoots with a nonprofit.’

The Denver Post had an excellent reply to the movie’s Texas-based True the Vote, which found “1,155 mules in Philadelphia alone” who traded “ballots for money.” The problem was there was no proof, so:

No, it didn’t.’

The movie claimed True the Vote found Georgia mules at “violent Antifa riots in Atlanta,” and that proved there were far-left bad guys. Again, there was no proof people were affiliated with Antifa or collected ballots.

Then, the film claimed the “ballot harvesters” had been caught on camera  “wearing gloves because they didn’t want to leave their fingerprints on the ballots.”

Once again, the Denver Post drew upon logic:

It ignores far more likely reasons for glove-wearing in the fall and winter of 2020 — cold weather or COVID-19.’

Imagine that.

Take a look at the two in action below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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