Biden Approval Polling Shoots Up 6 Points Amidst Gun Leadership


A new Reuters-Ipsos Poll just showed President Joe Biden shooting up six points in his approval ratings. Americans have begun to realize what the President has accomplished: the pandemic, Russia’s attack on Ukraine, shootings in schools and hospitals and grocery stores, a baby food crisis, and inflation to name a few.

Perhaps as significant as inflation and in the shadow of the Texas mass shooting, Americans have been learning how long and how committed our president has been to banning weapons designed only to kill.After the mass shooting in Texas that killed 19 fourth graders and two teachers, people also began to discover that President Biden was integral to America’s earlier ban on assault weapons.

After nearly a year, the appearance of how he ended the withdrawal of the American military has begun to wane. And as divided as this country has been, President Biden still managed a 48 percent approval rating for his job as president.  Fifty-two percent of the public disapproved in this poll.

Inflation hit many at the grocery and at the filling station. Helping Ukraine defend democracy in the West has come at a cost. But the inflation is not all President Biden’s fault. Around the world, countries are finding inflation rates equal to or higher than the ones here at home. Most western countries have stuck together banning Russian oil imports.

Americans have been seriously distressed at how Russian President Vladimir Putin’s soldiers have committed atrocities too graphic to even show. Western countries have cut off Russia’s best and sometimes only export to hold Putin responsible for his actions. The U.S. leads, and the countries of the world follow after President Biden had engaged them.

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The last Reuters-Ipsos Poll interviewed 1,005 random American interviewees. Among that sample, 806 individuals self-described Democrat and Republican. “The margin of error was 4+/- percentage points.”

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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