Pennsylvania GOP Gov. Candidate To Corporate With Jan 6 Committee


The people of that great state of Pennsylvania will have interesting choices for their next governor. In the far-right-hand corner, there is Republican Doug Mastriano. He is set to go before the House January 6 Select Committee panel.

The House Committee had a subpoena sent to him this past February. It displayed the details of the plot including how the former president’s attorneys and other related attorneys would get a group of stand-in electors who could insure Trump’s presidency. Timothy Parlatore working as Mastriano’s attorney sent the committee a letter indicating that his client had complied with the members’ wishes:

‘[All that] related to official actions that you took as an elected lawmaker.’

Parlatore said their talks with the Select Committee are still in progress. At issue was when Mastriano will give his “voluntary interview,” The Hill wrote.

Mastriano was present at the Capitol on the day of the attack and tweeted that:

‘[S]tate legislature has the sole authority to direct the manner of selecting delegates to the Electoral College.’

Then he added a comment about an alternative “slate of electors:”

‘We understand that you have knowledge of and participated in a plan to arrange for an alternate slate of electors to be presented to the President of the Senate on January 6, 2021, and we understand that you spoke with former President Trump about your post-election activities.’

Parlatore sent the House Select Committee a letter outlining that his client had complied with all of their requests. The January 6 Committee could make certain what they were going to ask of the legislator. That meant any communications and documents that might have been related to the scheme to send a different set of electors to be counted on January 6. That included any documentation that related to Trump’s followers and how they made it to the rallies, specifically the bus rides.

Mastriano took the Pennsylvania Republican primary vote for governor. This after he ran on Trump’s backing and cries of fake votes.

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Pennsylvania Lieutenant General John Fetterman in the other corner at 6 feet and nine inches easily won Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary, NPR reported. The GOP race remains too close to call. Then there was Fetterman’s heart attack:

‘He suffered a mild heart attack that followed the “implant  [of] a pacemaker.”‘implant a pacemaker.’

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The patient showed that he was eager to be back on his campaign trail.

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