Warrants Issued In Trump Inspired Voting Machine Hack Attempt


The 2020 presidential election ended with Democrat Joe Biden besting the incumbent Republican Donald Trump by around five million votes, but Trump decided to go with the Big Lie – a lie that insists that Trump actually won the election but that it was stolen from him by Democrats, Republican governors and secretaries of state, voting officials, election volunteers, a voting machine manufacturing company, Italy, and the long-dead president of Venezuela, Caesar Chavez – to deny his loss.

The lie led to an attempted coup and an insurrection by Trump voters who had been convinced that Trump actually won and that they could reinstall him in office.

As it turns out, in addition to other methods of the attempted coup, it’s the same Trump allies who have now been revealed to attempt breaching machines. State police in Michigan have obtained warrants to seize those machines. New documents obtained by Reuters reveal “a flurry of efforts by state authorities to secure voting machines, poll books, data-storage devices and phone records.”

According to Reuters:

‘The state’s investigation follows breaches of local election systems in Michigan by Republican officials and pro-Trump activists trying to prove his baseless claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.’

Attempts to breach the voting machines were inspired by the Big Lie, with Trump allies who fully embraced the unfounded claims of voter fraud by the Left acting on the belief that upgrades to these machines would erase evidence of voter fraud in 2020.

‘The search warrants also authorized state police to seize election equipment in Barry County’s Irving Township and have it examined. Local officials acknowledged publicly last month that state police raided the township office on April 29, a day after the warrant was issued.’

At this time, the investigation continues by looking into whether the efforts to breach those machines were coordinated. Added to the insurrection, the attempt to send documents signed by fake electors declaring Trump’s win, and the widespread coordinated effort to spread the lie and incite violence, this new reporting sheds light on the lengths to which Trump’s allies will go.

‘Trump won all of the counties where breaches or attempted breaches in Michigan have been alleged. The results in those jurisdictions were affirmed by multiple audits and an investigation by the Republican-controlled state senate, which found no evidence of widespread fraud. But some activists and officials pushing election-fraud conspiracy theories claim that Trump’s margin should have been larger in these areas, and their efforts are roiling communities across the state.’