Hillary Publicly Shames ‘Fox News’ For Ignoring Jan 6 Hearings


Hillary Clinton’s crisp wit and frequent repartee guarantee that the bad guys will not get very far before she nails them to the floor. She pointed out sharply that Fox News does not wish to cover the January 6 Select Committee hearings.

Well, why would media mogul Rupert Murdoch want to do the right thing and air the hearings, when he has managed to make another fortune with the talking heads’ lies, conspiracy theories, and blatant anti-democracy rhetoric?

Fox will flick back and forth “as news warrants” during prime time. Fox News made news by being, as The Independent wrote:

‘[T]he only major news network in the  not carry this Thursday’s hearing live.’

Fox News will not air the House’s hearing, according to Clinton, because they prefer to make it up “fresh onsite:”

‘Fox News won’t air the January 6 hearings because they prefer their sedition made fresh on-site.’

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