Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump & GOP Over Jan 6 Hearing


The prime-time night we have all been waiting for has arrived — finally. Secretary Hillary Clinton reminded people in a tweet that the January 6 Committee will be having its first public hearing Thursday evening.  It will be aired on all of the traditional networks plus CNN and MSNBC. Stephen Colbert will even go live. But there is one notable exception.

Now, why would Fox News refuse to air the hearings? Clinton pointed out that there are any number of reasons to watch the hearings, but perhaps the top one is that Trump and his less-than-merry band of Republican legislators abhor the idea:

‘Just one great reason to watch today’s January 6 hearings? Trump and the MAGA Republicans desperately don’t want you to.’

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The Select Committee members decided to bring in a professional to design the televised events for Americans who have become used to a certain pace when they watch TV.

Stay tuned for a gang-buster evening beginning at 7:00 EDT.  There will be four more hearings during the daytime hours and finishing up with one more evening airing at the end.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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