‘Lincoln Project’ Lays Out Republican Hypocrisy For All To See


The Lincoln Project’s latest videos show us two Republican legislators who are the best examples of GOP double-speak. In private they actually act as if they have a spine when it comes to Donald Trump. But when the ex-president can hear them, they are spineless and could not grovel lower. These two “realities” show us how crazy-making propaganda works.

Senator Ron Johnson wants us to believe that “the violent mob” was “nothing more than upset patriots” — never mind those Capitol Police Officers who died protecting our Democracy from the former president’s coup.

Or Johnson may not believe the lie, but he is savvy enough to know that his next couple of years in office totally depend upon him sucking up to the orange president. The Lincoln Project tweeted that Johnson wanted “you to forget the insurrection ever happened:”

‘Republican senators like Ron Johnson want you to believe that the violent mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6th were nothing more than upset patriots. They want you to forget that the insurrection ever happened.


Then The Lincoln Project tells us about the man who would be Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy. He holds two versions of Donald Trump, too. In one, the California representative could not be more committed to the ex-president.

But we saw the other version on January 6 loud and clear. He blamed Donald Trump for all the woes he has brought upon the Republican Party and more. The Lincoln Project tweeted what McCarthy said:

‘”But let me be very clear to you and I have been very clear to the President. He bears responsibility for his words and actions. No if, ands or buts.”’ – @GOPLeader

‘Then he refused to cooperate with the January 6th Committee. Remember this.’

At the end of the video, The Lincoln Project called out the would-be Speaker:

‘Are you sure, Kevin?’

Good question.

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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