Dozens Of White Nationalists Arrested Attempting To Infiltrate Pride Event


We have proof that Donald Trump’s coup is not over. It continues to this day, according to the House January 6 Select Committee. The chief of the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Police Department spoke at a news conference revealing that 31 members of a White supremacist organization were arrested with plans to attack a “local Pride event.”

Chief Lee White indicated that the members of that group were charged with a conspiracy to riot the Pride in the Park annual event, North Idaho Pride Alliance, according to The Daily Beast.

Kootenai County Sheriff Bob Norris, explained that fortunately, an individual happened to see something and say something to the authorities. That person noticed something quite out of the ordinary, dozens of people wearing masks loading into a U-Haul Van.

These individuals were charged with conspiracy to riot, a misdemeanor, The New York Times reported:

‘And they were all dressed like a small army. We had units in their area, and we were able to intercept them pretty quickly.’

An organization that “tracks extremist organizations and hate crimes,” The Anti-Defamation League, indicated on its site that the Patriot Front group was out of Texas. Members came from as far away as Washington state to Virginia for this “flash demonstration.”

Striking videos of the 31 men arrested and on their knees with their hands secured with plastic loops cropped up on social media. The Idaho police chief explained that the group that was arrested wore khaki pants as well as arm patches along with hats naming themselves Patriot Front. Chief White indicated the rumors the group had been infiltrated by informants were completely false:

‘If you go online, look up “Patriot Front,” that’s exactly how these individuals are dressed. I have no doubt in my mind, they were coming downtown to riot.’

Sheriff Norris said that prior to the Pride in the Park event:

‘[T]here was a lot of chatter going on” from both far-right and far-left sources about potential confrontations at the gathering. Some of that came from local groups, including the Panhandle Patriots, a far-right motorcycle club in northern Idaho. But several of those groups publicly altered their plans as worries of a violent confrontation increased. The Panhandle Patriots rebranded a planned “Gun d’Alene” anniversary event as a “North Idaho Day of Prayer.”‘

Chief White said there were members of Antifa groups present at the Pride event last year. But the Pride in the Park attendees:

‘[F]elt relatively safe, at least the event organizer did. There were people walking around the event with long guns and handguns and bear spray and all kinds of things like that. [T]hat is legal in Idaho.’

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Sheriff Norris said without the anonymous tipster and the police fast action:

‘[W]e would be talking about a different situation.’

The Chief read a few portions of that plan with instructions even “how smoke [bombs] was to be used:”

‘[A] column forming on the outside of the park, proceeding inward, until barriers to approach are met [and] once an appropriate amount of confrontational dynamic has been established the column will disengage and head to Sherman.’

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The founder of the Patriot Front Thomas Rousseau was among those jailed.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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