Michelle Obama Issues Urgent Plea To Save Democracy From MAGA Fascists


Former first lady Michelle Obama held an event at a Los Angeles stadium filled with Americans, many of them Democratic and Independent advocates. It was the Culture of Democracy event where she urged the audience to stay activated, because otherwise the consequences would be tragic.

She said that it would be easy for people to withdraw and stay away. But her attendees need to enroll “millions of new voters,” because that was the way to heal our deeply divided nation. Obama gave the keynote address at her national voting nonprofit When We All Vote, according to The Associated Press (AP):

‘Protecting and expanding our democracy is the best and only path out of this mess. Our democracy is fading.’

The former first lady pointed at the disinformation machine, social media, that let Trump supporters to cause “domestic conflicts and controversies.” She also blamed it for enabling the terrible January 6 attempted coup at our nation’s Capitol Building:

‘Sometimes it’s just easier to look away. No one has the luxury to sit out or stay at home just because you’re not feeling excited enough. If you don’t vote, other people will.’

Her keynote speech came as the last event at the We All Vote’s inaugural Culture of Democracy Summit. She spoke even as the House January 6 Select Committee was holding its first prime-time hearings back in Washington, D.C. with Republicans closest to Donald Trump testifying — even the former first daughter Ivanka Trump.

Laker star Earvin “Magic” Johnson opened Ms. Obama’s event. That was followed by discussions held by a number of other celebrities. They included, according to the NBC affiliate San Diego’s Channel 7:

‘Selena Gomez, Janelle Monáe, Wanda Sykes and Tracee Ellis Ross. NBA players Chris Paul and CJ McCollum will also take part, along with former LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers, who now coaches the Philadelphia 76ers.’

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Michelle Obama has been working hard to save our democracy, which will fall if people do not work with her getting Americans to vote in bigger-than-ever numbers. The alternative would be a scary, depressing dictatorship led by Donald Trump. Journalists, his opponents, and anyone who disagreed with him would be forced to leave America or go to jail. Or worse.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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