Another Trump Endorsed Republican Loses Primary Election


The ever-fickle Donald Trump’s endorsement may not be as powerful as Democrats wonder and Republicans fear. In the South, there was a large example of how his potency may be rapidly waning. Even though he endorsed the South Carolina candidate for the House of Representatives, Katie Arrington, sitting Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC), the first female Citadel graduate, won.

Mace brought in 53 percent of the 75,000 South Carolina votes while Arrington only had 45 percent. The other primary challenger was Lynz Piper-Loomis who said before she dropped out of the race, she would throw her support to Arrington.

Trump attacked Mace with piercing lies, such as she was a RINO (Republican in Name Only). The New York Times reported:

‘Ms. Mace drew Mr. Trump’s ire a few days into her first term after she condemned his role in the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. His false claims about the election being stolen, she said in interviews, contributed to the riots and “wiped out” the Trump administration’s accomplishments.’

The depth of Trump’s revenge is astounding. Even though Mace tried to make amends with him, calling herself one of his “earliest supporters.” That was true. She worked on his 2016 campaign:

‘Mr. Trump heavily criticized Ms. Mace and Mr. Rice throughout the primary campaign. Last week, he hosted a tele-rally for his two favored candidates, underlining Ms. Mace and Mr. Rice’s perceived disloyalties.’

In the general election:

‘Mace will now face Democrat Annie Andrews, Labor candidate Lucus Faulk, and Alliance candidate Joseph Oddo in the November general election.’

The South Carolina elected official took office in 2020 after she took down the sitting Representative Joe Cunningham (D-SC). Before running for office, Mace served in the State House.

Although Trump supported her in 2018, she lost his support by her negative comments against him after his January 6 attempted coup. So, the ex-president threw his name to her opponent, Arrington, according to WITX.

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Mace ran on a series of issues facing Congress now:

‘Mace, 44, championed a range of issues in Congress, including veterans’ rights and marijuana legalization. Her Lowcountry district, which stretches along South Carolina’s southeastern coast from Charleston to just beyond Hilton Head Island, favors Republicans.’

Former Governor Nikki Halen (R-SC) was Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations. She endorsed Mace in the 2022 election.

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In another type of win for Mace, she brought in twice as much money as Arrington, $300,000 to her $150,000.

Arrington went up against Mark Sanford (D-SC) in 2018 and lost. The race was remarkable in that it was the first time a Democrat had taken a South Carolina Republican seat.

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