Ukrainian Farmers Poison Crop Headed To Russian Army


The Ukrainian farmers are resilient and inspired in the fight to save their nation’s democracy and maybe ours, too. We recall the farmer who was merrily driving his tractor home pulling a Russian tank that he had swiped, the careless Russian soldier running after it. Many of the enemy soldiers come from extreme poverty and steal everything, including the farmers’ grain and produce destined to feed the world. So the farmers started poisoning these before the Russians stole them.

When Putin’s military arrived in Melitopol, its Mayor Ivan Fyodorov announced that these farmers caused “a mass illness” among the soldiers, because they had poisoned their cherries,” according to Yahoo News:

‘Our farmers prepared another gift for the [Russians]—recently treated sweet cherries, which caused mass illness among those who stole them from the farmers. It’s the latest kind of partisan resistance on the territory of Melitopol.’

The mayor spoke to “local reporters” Thursday via Telegram. Ukrainian loyalists remained strong in spite of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine. The Russian president called his failed troops heroes, because they “rescued” the Ukrainians from the Russians:

‘Melitopol residents fully ignored the celebration of Russia Day. The whole country saw—last Sunday only 15 people out of 70,000 residents who stayed in the temporarily occupied city stood in line for [Russian] passports.’

Ukrainian Intelligence intercepted a call between a Putin soldier and his friend. According to him, the front line was no place to be, that there it was “going crazy:”

‘Where they are located… no one is sure about the locals: who they are, what they’re doing. Maybe they are fucking with us at night, while they’re peaceful people during the day. No one can be trusted. An old woman walking around with pies might be a fucking colonel acting as an artillery spotter at night.’

The Intelligence’s reports included information about what the Ukrainian teachers have been doing:

‘[They are] refusing to teach under Russian curricula” in Berdyansk. Unidentified Ukrainian partisans” targeting staffers of Russia’s Emergency Ministry in Mariupol.

‘Russian authorities are continuing to face difficulties implementing their occupation agendas due to pro-Ukrainian pressure in occupied areas.’

An aide to the mayor Petro Andriushchenko said that two tractors and three large-sized truck trailers parked near the Russian Emergency Ministry’s headquarters were there one moment. And the next moment they were gone. Apparently, the Ukrainians fire-bombed them.

He continued, saying that right before the Day of Russia kicked off, one of the ministry’s staffers was in a crowded area and stabbed to death:

‘The injury turned out to be fatal. We’re talking to you, scum. Start looking behind you. Retribution is already near.’

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Putin’s people took Ukrainians into camps for “forced Russification.” Then, Kherson people in Russia were told by the authorities:

‘Russian authorities have begun opening up passport processing centers in the occupied territories, and in Kherson, residents were informed this week that any babies born after Feb. 24 would automatically be given Russian passports.’

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One Ukrainian journalist, Illia Ponomarenko, displayed his humor by posting a fake “new Ukrainian postage stamp” with a farmer hauling home his day’s catch — a Russian tank.

The featured image is a screenshot via Twitter

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