Walmart Ditching ‘MyPillow’ As Mike Lindell’s Downfall Continues


Walmart is apparently ending its sale of products from Mike Lindell’s MyPillow. Lindell, of course, has essentially mired his own name with his frenzied promotion of bonkers lies about the last presidential election — nonsense to which he’s still committed, even as his business suffers hits.

An article Lindell shared on Trump’s Truth Social platform from a right-wing site identifying itself as “” said an executive vice president at Walmart informed Lindell of the company’s move. (Lindell also credited that executive.) The article — which obviously shouldn’t be taken as instantly credible — claims Lindell told the Walmart executive that his company sold the top “as seen on TV” product. The executive allegedly credited the company’s decision to MyPillow products falling below a certain level in a ratings system allowing customers to share their perspectives on products. Lindell apparently told that right-wing website: “Walmart waited to cancel My Pillow so they wouldn’t get the same bad press the other big box stores who canceled [me] got.”

“The My Pillow CEO estimates that he’ll lose about $10 million in sales over Walmart’s decision to cancel him,” according to Other large stores, such as Costco, have also moved to stop making MyPillow products available for purchase. “Costco basically did a slow cancellation, slower than the other stores,” Lindell said. Lindell apparently indicated Costco’s choice would leave MyPillow losing out on between $4 and 10 million in annual sales, in addition to the impact on the supposedly dozens of people (40, to be exact) who’d conduct in-person sales efforts for MyPillow products at Costco stores. Lindell claims Costco provided no explanation for their decision to stop selling MyPillow. You’d think that after all this Lindell might reconsider his political positions (which might be better described as nonsensical delusions). Yet, Lindell keeps at it.

Lindell indicated he was enraged over the reputed Walmart decision. After saying he told the Walmart executive (referencing the ratings), “You do realize bots and trolls attack all the time?” Lindell added during a podcast appearance with Steve Bannon that he “slammed” his computer shut. “He had this smirk on his face. I said, goodbye, you’re going to be all over the news tomorrow, and I slammed the computer. He lied, straight-up lied, it was all to slow-play Mike Lindell’s” cancellation, Lindell added on the podcast. 

Lindell is — among other things — apparently financially supporting the production of a movie called “Selection Code,” although he’s claimed to not be involved in formulating the content for the movie, which those behind it claim will prove claims of election fraud. There’s apparently going to be a two-day premiere event for the movie. In a recent edition of an online broadcast under his own name, Lindell claimed: “You know what, after those two days, if there’s any politician left in the United States that says there was no election crime, and that they really are in love with those machines, they can sit behind those melted down prison bars made from those machines… We can build a whole big old new prison for all the people that were part of the election crime of 2020!” None of these people would, at this point, be credible sources for basically anything. You don’t even have to look very deeply to see how totally out of touch with reality they are — just listen to Lindell, and you’ll see it.

UPDATE: Specifically, it turns out, MyPillow products will no longer be available in Walmart stores, but on Walmart’s website — where third-party sellers can make items available — MyPillow will still be available, per a Walmart spokesperson.