Trump Suffers Terrified Weekend Freak-Out Over Jan 6 Hearings


In case anyone was wondering, Donald Trump is still the same egotistical nightmare with less emotional maturity than a teaspoon, which he proved as the keynote speaker at the laughably named Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference. After trashing anyone who disagrees with him and repeating the same lies he’s been telling for years, he began on the lies that are at the center of the ongoing Jan. 6 hearings, lies that could land him with an actual criminal charge of seditious conspiracy.

After bragging that he’s untouchable – “what’s wrong with being impeached? I got impeached twice and my poll numbers went up” – Trump said that all his political opponents are evil while the “Christians” clapped and cheered.

‘[Democrats] extremists consumed by resentment, bigotry, and rage. It’s not just a political problem. It’s a spiritual problem. Politics has become religion, warping sense of right and wrong…For the radical left, politics has become their religion. It has warped their sense of right and wrong. They don’t have a sense of right and wrong, true and false, good and evil.’

In one particularly childish moment, Trump called out Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), member of the Jan. 6 committee, and rewrote some history about the investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia. Of course, Trump’s eldest son did meet with some Russians who offered dirt on Trump’s political opponent, a move that isn’t legal or ethical, but Trump said that was part of a “fake story” and that Schiff is to blame for it.

‘I watched this Adam Schiff the other day. Shifty Schiff, this guy is nothing. He’s nothing — we call him watermelon head…I’ll never forget when this guy, he knew it was a fake story. I’ll never forget when he stood up at the microphone and said Donald Trump Jr. will go to prison. Think of this. Donald Trump Jr. will go to prison for what he has done to our country and for his relationship with Russia. And I said, what the hell is going on?’


After a full day of the Jan. 6 committee explaining why then-Vice President Mike Pence had zero authority to overturn an election and Trump’s attempts to convince him to do so were illegal, Trump resurrected the old story about Thomas Jefferson counting himself into office, a story that historians say never happened, and insisted once again that Pence should have just stopped the certification of President Joe Biden into office.

Same old Trump.