Adam Kinzinger Mocks Trump For Becoming A Laughingstock


Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-ill.) isn’t fazed by Donald Trump’s extremely conspicuous public meltdowns. Kinzinger “cries every time he speaks,” Trump said in a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition — although obviously, that’s not accurate.

“Sorry Don, I know usually you attack folks and they start begging for your approval,” Kinzinger said afterwards on Twitter. “But you’ll just have to keep begging for mine. You used to be more creative… still i give this a 6/10.” And in a follow-up post on Twitter, Kinzinger pointed out what, in reality, is probably bothering Trump the most. “Friday Fact for the week: Donald Trump lost his re-election, becoming the first president to do so in decades. (Be sure to tune in Tuesday and Thursday for more hearings.),” Kinzinger said. Kinzinger, of course, serves on the January 6 committee in the House… the activities of which have also led Trump to flip out in public. Check out Kinzinger’s tweets below:

Trump’s public spirals over the work of the House’s January 6 committee seem to indicate on their own that the panel is onto something. “The Unselect Committee of political thugs & scoundrels is trying to use disinformation and outright lies to RAILROAD people into the arms of the Justice Department,” Trump said on Truth Social early Saturday. “They are doing everything within their power to criminalize politics, an absolute no no! I watched this lowlife Raskin yesterday making things and statements up, from out of nowhere. Pure fiction! The Dems play very dirty, but Republican leadership should never have allowed this Kangaroo Court to happen. A USA embarrassment!” How can anyone listen to this guy and take him seriously as presidential material? Obviously, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) — another member of the riot panel — wasn’t actually making stuff up. The committee has heard from over 1,000 people and taken in huge amounts of documentary evidence. They’re not just speculating.

And so far, some of the revelations from the panel have been startling. For example, then-Trump lawyer John Eastman apparently indicated to a then-White House lawyer he was fine with the possibility of violence connected to schemes to block Biden’s presidential election victory from moving forward. Eastman also acknowledged ahead of January 6 that a plan by which Pence could supposedly block electoral votes Biden won was in apparent brazen violation of federal law. In addition, the committee has presented significant amounts of evidence indicating what could be summarized as corrupt intent on Trump’s part, because items they’ve shown make even more clear there’s no reasonable way Trump could be said to have had no idea how wrong he was about the election. “When I went into this, and would tell him how crazy some of these allegations were, there was never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were,” then-Attorney General Bill Barr said of interactions with Trump regarding certain election fraud claims.