Partner Of Fallen DC Officer Publicly Shames Donald Trump


During an appearance on CNN, Sandra Garza — the long-time partner of the late U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick — spoke about her perspective on the guilt held by former President Donald Trump in connection to the riot at the Capitol.

Brian died of what were determined to be natural causes — he sustained a pair of strokes before later dying — very soon after participating in the defense of the Capitol during that riot, but Garza laid out a connection between the cause of his death and what took place at the Capitol. And Garza held Trump responsible:

‘[Brian’s] cause of death was natural, but that does not mean that January 6 did not play a role in his death. And what I mean by that is: sadly, we just learned from the horrific events of Uvalde, a great example of this is Mr. Joe Garcia. He died from natural causes. He died from a heart attack [after] he learned that his poor wife, Irma Garcia, was gunned down in the school.’

“Donald Trump was messing with the universal balance, that’s what I like to call it,” Garza added, summarizing her perspective on the chain of events the then-president kicked off with his incitement of the Capitol riot. “I mean, we have no way of knowing, but Donald Trump wanted to step in there and play a higher power, that’s what I like to call it, and mess with people’s lives. He altered the chain of events in the universe. I believe that all of the people that died on that day and the days following would still be here today had it not been for Donald Trump wanting to mess with” things. Other deaths connected to the riot include those of police officers who committed suicide soon after it and those of supporters of the then-president who lost their lives in relation to what happened.

On CNN, Garza also addressed Trump raising the prospect of pardoning rioters if he’s re-elected. Referring to participants in the Capitol riot, some of whom have been charged with offenses like assaulting law enforcement and seditious conspiracy, Trump recently told onlookers: “If I become president someday, if I decide to do it, I will be looking at them very seriously for pardons.”

Garza, meanwhile, remarked as follows: “And what really makes me angry, Jim, is that he’s safe in his white castle with Secret Service protecting him, and he’s running his mouth in the safety of his home where he lives and all his family members, and all the enablers, his favorite people in Congress are safe in their little white castles, while the rest of us are living without security. And the staffers, the people who cleaned up the savagery of that day — the people who defecated in the Capitol, who urinated in the Capitol — they should have cleaned that stuff up, you know? That really makes me angry because, like I said, the next time something happens we’re going to have a far worse outcome than we did on January 6.”