GOP Mega-Donors Abandon Trump As Jan 6 Evidence Piles Up


A number of wealthy former Trump donors are now giving to Ron DeSantis as he gears up for the 2024 presidential election, “according to The POLITICO analysis of campaign finance data.”

Former construction company owner, “longtime Republican donor,” and previous Florida congressman, Francis Rooney favors DeSantis:

‘I think Ron’s fundraising really speaks for itself. It is possible Trump’s percentage of the Republicans keeps going down and I think it’s possible people will start looking elsewhere.’

Rooney said this about Trump:

‘The guy is so mercurial. And there are so many things floating around from lawsuits to the January 6 stuff. If the primary were today, Trump gets it, but I think his popularity is going down.’

Shiree Verdone, who served as Trump’s campaign co-chair in Arizona for both his presidential campaigns said:

‘I know a lot of donors who are kind of in wait-and-see mode. They really, really like DeSantis, who is very popular, but you don’t want to upset Trump.’

Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich, added:

‘Like other candidates who have been propelled to victory thanks to the endorsement of President Trump, Governor DeSantis is among a large group of elected officials from across the country who continue to benefit from President Trump’s MAGA movement.’

He suggested several alternatives, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and former South Carolina Governor and Ambassador to the UN (United Nations) Nikki Haley:

‘I think very highly of Mike Pence. He was chairman of the Republican Study Committee, was governor of Indiana and, obviously, vice president of the United States. He was one of the strongest points of the Trump administration. He followed his constitutional duty.’

Pennsylvania billionaire Jeff Yass noted that at one time, even Rudy Giuliani was a viable candidate. Although much has changed from that snapshot in history. Yass said that the Florida Governor begins with a strong advantage. DeSantis knew that there was still much GOP money available:

‘There is a history of people who can surge forward, raise a lot of money, do well in some of the early polls, but eventually fade. Right now there is a lot of money on the sidelines because we are still in 2022, not 2024. I am getting phone calls about the presidential race, but it’s not my main focus right now.’

Trump’s campaign co-chair in Arizona Shiree Verdone added:

‘They really, really like DeSantis, who is very popular, but you don’t want to upset Trump.’


North Carolina businessman Art Pope has been a steady donor to the Grand Old Party (GOP). But he has never given anything to the ex-president:

‘In regard to Governor DeSantis, I have met him.’


The presidential dual between Florida candidates should be quite interesting.

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