Popular GOP Congressman Publicly Abandons Trump After Jan 6 Hearing


Nebraska politicians tend to be direct, and Representative Don Bacon (R-NB) is no exception. He told NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday Show host Chuck Todd that should Donald Trump run again in the 2024 primaries, he would not get Bacon’s vote.

Of course, there was no guarantee Trump would run either. He has continued to hold those cards close to his vest. People have been guessing about whether he will go for a second term and face a possible national embarrassment should he lose in the primary.

And how long will Trump hold the Republican Party hostage with his power and to what degree? Bacon noted that his people have become “tired of the name-calling,” according to Axios.

Bacon said the Republicans lost in 2020. And his voters judge a candidate’s “comportment and the temperament.” Still, the ex-president’s ongoing complaining burns the ears of those from Nebraska, NPR reported:

‘We have to also learn the lesson, “Why did we lose in 2020?” It was the comportment and the temperament, and yes, a democracy respects elections. And our president should have respected the conclusion.’

Chuck Todd asked him would he vote for Trump once again? And Bacon told him:

‘I’ll be looking for other candidates.’

Then Bacon told Axios in response to Todd’s question about the Republicans nominating Trump in 2024, that he was “reluctant to go there:”

‘[But] he’s not going to be my choice in the primary, that’s for sure.’

Then, the Nebraska congressman started in on the House January 6 Select Committee. Bacon said that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) made a big mistake:

‘[He] made a mistake on our side of the aisle by opposing [an independent commission to investigate the Capitol riot, because what we have today is a very stacked deck in the committee.’

Bacon pointed out that the ex-president sat for hours watching the real-time coverage of the attempted coup, backing it up to rerun his favorite parts:

‘I think it was negligence. He should’ve done better.’

When he was asked whether Trump had committed a crime, he said:

‘I’m not a lawyer or judge, I thought it was wrong.’

Indeed, Bacon might not drop the criminal charges against the former president for planning and pouring gasoline onto the January 6’s insurrection fire:

‘I think we should be looking more forward on this, but we’ll see what the evidence comes out with.’

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NPR noted that unfortunately either Trump’s pick would win or the most Trump-like issues would:

‘So even if his candidate loses, Trump’s issues are very much on the winning side in these primaries.’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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