Merrick Garland Accelerates Trump Investigation With Subpoena Reveal


There has been some concern that Attorney General Merrick Garland has been holding off his investigation into Donald Trump’s attempted coup until the House January 6 Select Committee completes its hearings. A flurry of new subpoenas showed that any concerns were mistaken.

AG Garland did ask for the Select Committee to share its information with the Department of Justice (DOJ), but that will happen in due course. Now, the phony electors from swing states are of the most interest to the DOJ, according to CNN.

Trump’s campaign uncovered a substantial number of individuals who would be fake electors, according to The Washington Post. The deal was that these “electors'” signatures would go to the National Archives and then on to the former Vice President Mike Pence. The goal was to manipulate the number of electors in favor of Donald Trump into being far greater than the real electors supporting President Joe Biden.

The January 6 Committee has discovered that it will need to go well into July instead of finishing this month, due to a rash of new information. Oh yes, there was that new documentarian’s footage of Donald Trump’s family before, during, and after the violent attack on the nation’s Capitol Building.

The Justice Department (DOJ) subpoenaed 15 individuals to interview. Then Wednesday morning FBI agents went to the homes of a number of them. Georgia lawyer Brad Carver was perfectly willing to let Trump use his name as one of the fake electors. Chair of the Georgia GOP David Shafer was another. They were well aware that was illegal because after they signed the phony documents, they requested Trump pay their legal bills should they be caught. Awareness of guilt is one of the requirements for prosecution.

A 2020 video posted online appeared to show Thomas Lane, who worked on the Trump campaign in Arizona and New Mexico:

‘[He was handing out] paperwork for electors at the Arizona Republican Party’s Dec. 14 alternate elector signing ceremony in Phoenix.’

But there were those who refused to simply go along with Trump’s people:

‘Among those who refused to participate were Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Lawrence Tabas, an election-law expert who had defended Trump in 2016 against a recount push by Green Party candidate Jill Stein; former congressman Tom Marino (R-PA), one of the first members of Congress to endorse Trump’s presidential campaign; and Georgia real estate investor John Isakson, son of the late Republican senator Johnny Isakson.’

Others who did not participate did so due to scheduling conflicts or illnesses.

The DOJ also subpoenaed any and all documents related to the election at an earlier time. It requested them from John Eastman, Jenna Ellis, Boris Epshteyn, Rudy Giuliani, and Bernard Kerik.

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Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration Patrick Gartland was asked to be one of the fake electors from Georgia. He declined on the basis that it would have been a “conflict of interest.” Even so, FBI agents appeared at his front door with a subpoena. Gartland said:

‘They wanted to know if I had talked to Giuliani.’

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The next January 6 Committee hearing will be Thursday at 3:00 pm EDT.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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