Voters Switch Party Affiliation To Sink Lauren Boebert’s Re-Election


A strong longtime Colorado Republican just switched to “unaffiliated” so that she could primary against the controversial gun-toting rude Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO). Not only does she embarrass her voters with her extremism, the Colorado Representative even heckled President Joe Biden during a speech on the floor, showing how very immature she is. As such, she is a poor representative for her people, and they know it.

In her district, large numbers of Colorado voters rejected her “authoritarianism,” The New York Times wrote:

‘Driven by fears of extremism and worries about what they see as an authoritarianism embodied in Ms. Boebert, thousands of Democrats in the sprawling third congressional district of Colorado have rushed to shore up her Republican challenger, State Senator Don Coram. Their aim is not to do what is best for Democrats but to do what they think is best for democracy.’

GOP challenger to Boebert, Christopher Coram has raised about a quarter of a million dollars even as he entered the primary late. Beobert’s national recognition helped her pull in $5 million. But as writer and financier Christopher Arndt said, The New York Times reported:

‘Anti-Trump Republicans have put aside stark differences with liberal policies and voted for Democrats since 2016. It is time, he said, that Democrats return the favor and put preservation of democracy above all other causes.’

There is a national change in action with longtime Republicans moving to the Democratic Party. They do so in an attempt to break up a pattern of a growing hyper-conservative legislators.

Another longtime Democratic Tom Morrison cast his vote for Coram:

‘[N]ot only in protest of Ms. Boebert but also of what he calls a rising concern about his party’s leftward drift.’

He spoke about Boebert’s familiarity with guns, according to The Colorado PBS site:

‘Boebert has grabbed nationwide attention over the last two years for carrying guns, making viral Twitter posts and heckling President Joe Biden over the deaths of service members in Afghanistan during the State of the Union.’

Colorado saw numerous small anti-Boebert political organizations rise prior to the primary in June. Joel Dyar and James Light began the  Better Than Boebert PAC in Grand Junction, as the YouTube video showed:

‘Jan. 6 was the breaking point for me. I couldn’t get anywhere with the national party, so I got behind Don Coram.’

It appeared that the dramatic rise in Democratic voters in GOP primaries this year was organized, according to Coram’s campaign manager J.D. Key:

‘What did we do to reach out to Democrats? The answer is nothing,” “This is completely organic.’

Howard Wallach, a teacher, spoke about the “newly independent” voters:

‘Will these voters new to Republican politics come prepared to choose in those races? They’re desperate. They’re crazed.’

Tom Morrison who has long been a Democrat added:

‘The center has got to re-emerge Progressive Democrats keep believing that if they can just gain power, they can bring the country with them to all these liberal causes. And they can’t.’

Pete Tovorek said:

‘She gets paid $174,000 a year so she can rage tweet.’

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Claudia Cunningham, a longtime member of the GOP commented:

‘All these dark mumblings about what would happen if you disaffiliate from the Democrats. There’s a certain quality of disbelief in what’s happening among normal people. We have to get past that.’

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Will the Dems move work? We will know shortly.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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