President Obama Forcefully Condemns SCOTUS Abortion Ruling


Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which allowed a woman the right to determine her own “intensely personal” reproductive rights, as President Barack Obama tweeted. Six justices lied during their nomination hearings, saying they respected “stare decisis,” established laws. Yet they overturned 50 years of established law. And this ruling will eat much further into women’s right to contraception and in-vitro fertilization.

President Obama wrote in The Medium: that ending a pregnancy is not a casual decision:

‘Few, if any, women make the decision to terminate a pregnancy casually — and people of goodwill, across the political spectrum, can hold different views on the subject. But what Roe recognized is that the freedom enshrined in the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution requires all of us to enjoy a sphere of our lives that isn’t subject to meddling from the state.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was furious at the “dark” decision by “the rightwing politicians” packed court,” MSNBC reported. She said this was “an insult” to women and only an “opening act, a front game.” But “it is deadly serious.” And it will “be on the ballot in November.”

The decision arose from the justice’s religious beliefs and “the whims of politicians and ideologues,” the former president said. In their smugness, the justices certainly did not take into consideration the danger it imposes on the youngest pregnant girls. Pregnancy is not a simple matter and age affects the very lives of many women. Our former president wrote:

‘The consequences of this decision would be a blow not just to women, but to all of us who believe that in a free society, there are limits to how much the government can encroach on our personal lives.’

That is to say nothing of the many, many deaths due to back-alley abortions that will happen. After all, this law does not prevent abortions, just the legally accessible ones.

President Obama called this decision an attack on “the essential freedoms of millions of Americans:”

‘Today, the Supreme Court not only reversed nearly 50 years of precedent, it relegated the most intensely personal decision someone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues—attacking the essential freedoms of millions of Americans.’Screen-Shot-2022-06-24-at-9.58.13-AM President Obama Forcefully Condemns SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Abortion Activism Featured Politics Top Stories

President Obama points to the fooundation of the SCOTUS decision. Basically, the justices threw the lawaway and handed the decisiion back to the courts. Many “states ave already passed bills restricting choice.’ Then he offers women action options:

Across the country, states have already passed bills restricting choice. If you’re looking for ways to respond, @PPFA@USOWomen, and many other groups have been sounding the alarm on this issue for years—and will continue to be on the front lines of this fight.’

Screen-Shot-2022-06-24-at-10.48.21-AM President Obama Forcefully Condemns SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Abortion Activism Featured Politics Top Stories

After Justice Samuel Alito’s draft was leaked over a month ago, President Obama said that the formal decision was no “less devastating.” He wrote more at The Medium:

‘For more than a month, we’ve known this day was coming—but that doesn’t make it any less devastating. Here are my thoughts from when we first saw the draft ruling.’

Screen-Shot-2022-06-24-at-10.49.16-AM President Obama Forcefully Condemns SCOTUS Abortion Ruling Abortion Activism Featured Politics Top Stories

Then, President Obama concluded with this highlighted statement:

‘But we’re not asking you to just think about these people. We’re asking you to join with the activists who’ve been sounding the alarm on this issue for years — and act.

For those of us who remember life prior to Roe v. Wade, we sadly understand the terrible, terrible cloud this places upon all women and their families.

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