Trump Has Level 10 Meltdown Over Latest Jan 6 Evidence


Ex-President Donald Trump is continuing to flip out over recent proceedings of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot — which inherently suggests on its own that there’s something to the panel’s work, since Trump’s so worked up about it. In a new interview with Newsmax, Trump suggested there’s “something wrong” with recent witness Cassidy Hutchinson.

Hutchinson, who has previously privately testified to the panel several times and spoke in public on Tuesday, worked with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows when the Capitol riot happened and was in a position to personally witness key events inside the Trump administration. She explained she was told of an incident in which Trump allegedly lunged towards the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle and got into a physical altercation with the head of his Secret Service detail as that agent pushed Trump to return to the White House instead of go to the Capitol, like Donald wanted. The alleged incident happened January 6. In the new Newsmax interview, Trump remarked as follows:

‘This lady yesterday, there’s something wrong with her. Is there something wrong? She said I jumped from a car and I started strangling — think of this — I started strangling a Secret Service agent who I know very well. I grabbed the steering wheel of a car. [She] said that I wanted guns at my rally. I didn’t want guns. I have to speak too, and I don’t want guns for anybody.’

Discussing the alleged vehicle incident, Trump added: “In fact, the Secret Service came out and said that this story is totally false. The woman is living in fantasy land. She’s a social climber if you call that social. I think it’s just a shame that this is happening to our country… But think of it. Nobody [on the committee] to cross-examine [the witness]. Professor Dershowitz said you can’t do where you have a hearing and there’s no cross-examination… The Secret Service people in the car said this didn’t happen, but you don’t even need that. Who would do that? I would grab a Secret Service person by the throat?.. It’s very hard. It’s very hard for another reason. These guys lift 350 lbs. I don’t.” Watch Trump’s (deceptive) comments below:

There doesn’t seem to have actually been any official pushback against Hutchinson’s story from the Secret Service, although a source close to the agency has reportedly stated individuals who were in the vehicle were prepared to testify under oath they weren’t assaulted and Trump never reached for the steering wheel — although agents in Trump’s presidential SUV reportedly don’t deny Trump wanted to go to the Capitol. In addition, Trump wasn’t alleged to have wanted guns at his rally in D.C. on January 6 — he’s alleged to have simply been fine with them.

“But when we were in the offstage announce tent, I was part of a conversation — I was in the vicinity of a conversation where I overheard the President say something to the effect of, you know, I don’t f’ing care that they have weapons,” Hutchinson said in past testimony to the committee. “They’re not here to hurt me. Take that f’ing [magnetometers] away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here. Let the people in. Take the f’ing mags away,” Hutchinson continued, summarizing what Trump said that day. She was apparently part of the then-president’s entourage at the January 6 D.C. rally.