Adam Kinzinger Celebrates July 4th With Plea To Defend Democracy


On his last 4th of July in office, Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) reminded Americans of two issues. As a Lieutenant Colonial in the Air National Guard, he pilots RC-26 surveillance aircraft and had two tours in Iraq, according to Kinzinger’s congressional page. As an active member of the military, he knows of what he speaks when he tweets “remember those who fought to protect our freedoms.” Surely, all of us can agree on that. 

Then, the Illinois representative whose district was killed by gerrymandering also reminded us to “continue to defend our democracy.” That might mean serving in the military or in government. This has been noticeably strong in second-generation Americans.

When he appeared on The Late Night with Stephen Colbert Show after he led his portion of the House January 6 Select Committee hearing, Kinzinger said:

‘Look Republicans, you’re being lied to. You’re being lied to and taken advantage of. You can’t be that gullible. Let’s fight to defend our democracy.’

But Kinzinger meant more than that. He said Americans “must accept truth and put the interests of our country…first.” He tweeted that was beyond putting one’s party first:

‘Today as we celebrate America’s independence, we remember those who fought to protect our freedoms and all who continue to defend our democracy. To strengthen our self-governance, we must accept truth & put the interests of our country—not any one political party—first.’

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Patriotism actually rises above any party, according to The Advances in Applied Sociology:

Patriotism is a kind of emotion, will, thought theory, and behavior as a whole. The reaction of the complex relationship between individuals and country value system…it is a kind of thought and feeling of loyalty, and love their home land.’

Words of wisdom. All of them.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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