Adam Kinzinger Exposes Behind The Scenes Republican Evil


Donald Trump said people were either loyal to him, or they were enemies. And he unleashed a terrible anger from within his people and directed it toward “my enemies.” Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is one of Trump’s enemies, because he sits on a committee trying to save our democracy.

Kinzinger is one of the two courageous Republicans on the House January 6 Select Committee. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) is the other. She has probably been sacrificing her career if that is what it takes to save our country’s freedom. Both of them have been getting threats, death threats, and death threats — for them, for their wives, their children, and one specifically directed at a baby.

He is not afraid of Trump. He is a Lt. Col. in the Air National Guard, flying jets. And he served two terms in Iraq. Senator Tammy Duckworth’s (D-IL) helicopter was shot down. She faced multiple amputations. She calls Trump, Cadet Bone Spurs for dodging the draft, CNN reported.

And the ex-president was the one who drew a target right on both Kinzinger and Cheney. The Illinois representative said “the darkness has reached new lows…WARNING: this video contains foul & graphic language.”

‘Threats of violence over politics has increased heavily in the last few years. But the darkness has reached new lows. My new interns made this compilation of recent calls they’ve received while serving in my DC office. WARNING: this video contains foul & graphic language.’

You see, Trump does not want a democracy. He likes autocracies and authoritarian leaders. He literally tried to overthrow our democracy and steal it for himself. He wanted parades like Russia and China have, showing off their military weapons and soldiers marching rigidly down the street. Russian President Vladimir Putin is his idol.

Trump threw gross language at the people who came to his rallies. He was enraged. Then he encouraged “my people” to be angry, as angry as he was and continues to be.

The thing is that people’s anger arose from decades of trying to survive after the Republican leadership and conservative businesses sent their union jobs overseas. All to cut wages and bring in ever more profits.

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