Merrick Garland Goes After Operatives In Trump Fake Elector Scheme


The criminal investigations around Donald Trump’s multiple attempts to pull off a coup have taken off as Republicans who were involved in Trump’s alternate elector scheme will be handing documents off to the DOJ as early as this week.

The number of subpoenas flowing out of that department to each of the seven battleground states involved in the false elector scam has rapidly increased. Those subpoenas requested documents with a due date of July 8, according to CNN. The plan had been for participants in the con to undermine the Electoral College.

The DOJ brought in one of the “Stop the Steal” rally organizers to come before a grand jury. And a member of the Oath Keepers was charged. But the Department of Justice tends to hold its cards close to its vest.

‘We never know where it’s going to go. There’s still stuff going. They’ve got to be looking at anything and everything they can do.’ 

Federal Judge Amit Mehta said Trump’s was an unusual case, CNN reported:

‘There is only so much that can be controlled. If Congress doesn’t disclose the evidence — I’m not saying it’s not possible, but I’m not aware of any effort for a federal judge to get Congress to turn over records.’

Trump’s seven-point plan seemed to be reaching further and further as more evidence has been uncovered. In Georgia, for example, both Trump’s former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have been subpoenaed to appear in Atlanta. Graham indicated on Thursday he had no plans to comply, instead, he will take it to the courts, ABC17 reported.

Fulton County District Attorney  (DA) Fani Willis brought in an expert attorney on state racketeering cases last March, Reuters reported. She did this in preparation for Trump.

Next week, the Select Committee’s plan at this time is to televise this and then more in its second hearing of the week:

‘[T]he fake electors, a pressure campaign on then-Vice President Mike Pence to stop the counting of electoral votes, and the assembly of a violent mob that Trump directed to march to the Capitol.’

 Things are beginning to look very bad for Donald Trump. His former Chief of Staff Mark Meadow’s right-hand woman gave powerful testimony against Trump and Meadows. Cassidy Hutchinson’s appearance before the Select Committee was carried live on TV.
Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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