Pennsylvania Republicans Abandon GOP To Support Democrat Governor


In a surprise move, a collection of Pennsylvania’s Republican leaders jumped the Donald Trump ghost ship to endorse a Democrat for governor, Josh Shapiro.

Attorney General Shapiro proudly displayed the 10 members of the GOP. He has been getting mixed reviews. It definitely increased the AG’s “reach-across-the-aisle” candidacy, according to The Post-Gazette.

Chair of the Lawrence County Board of Commissioners and the only current official on the list, Morgan Boyd believed that his state had come to a decision point. Shapiro was “the only candidate with a vision, the experience, and the plan to bring it back:’

‘I think there’s actually a large number of moderate Republicans across the state right now who are considering either openly supporting Josh or silently supporting him through their vote. I would encourage them to use their experiences to search within their hearts and make the determination themselves that they feel is best for the commonwealth. I think that, by and large, they’ll come to the same conclusion that I did.’

Boyd is for fiscal responsibility, likes the idea of small government, and using his position “for [doing] good.” The latter characteristic may fall closer to those ideals of a Democratic party member. He said that Shapiro has been bringing in the rural vote by speaking to their concerns:

‘He’s talking about investments in housing. He’s talking about investments in infrastructure. He’s talking about investments in workforce development. All of this is so incredibly needed in our rural communities, and even more than that, he has an overarching strategy on how to build Pennsylvania’s economy and how to reverse the decades of decline that we’ve seen all across the state.’

The Director of the Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion Christopher Borick noted:

‘I think for most Republicans, they accept Mastriano as their nominee and most likely will vote for him. But on the margins — and the margins are going to be very important — I think the endorsements will help Shapiro’s case in key areas.’

State Senator Doug Mastriano and the Republican candidate for governor claimed that those living in Pennsylvania have long distanced themselves from the bickering where politics has fallen. He said:

‘It’s time to try something different. It’s time for Republican Gov. Doug Mastriano to have your back, and we’ll have your back. We’ll honor and respect your freedoms, lift this state up and bring freedom back.’

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The big 10 included some real heavyweights in the GOP:

  • ‘Two former U.S. representatives Charlie Dent and Jim Greenwood
  • Former state House Speaker Denny O’Brien
  • Former Lt. Gov. and a long-serving state Sen. Robert Jubelirer
  • Former state Supreme Court Justice Sandra Schultz Newman.’

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Attorney General Josh Shapiro has proven himself to be a man of action, so people are familiar with his name and his acts to improve their lives. Just one example was ending illegal telemarketing practices by Indra Energy, according to the Attorney General’s Office:

‘The settlement is with retail energy suppliers PalmCo Energy PA, LLC and PalmCo Power PA, LLC, which do business in Pennsylvania under the name Indra Energy. The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s investigation revealed that Indra Energy engaged in a wide range of violations relating to its telemarketing operations in Pennsylvania.’

Shapiro indicated that he preferred the people vote for the person, not a party.

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