Latest Senate Election Poll Shows Good News For Democrats


Sitting Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is running for re-election and he has a strong lead according to a newly-released poll. Overall, the AARP Georgia Chapter by AARP Fabrizio Ward (R) Impact Research (D) poll showed that Warnock led among 50 percent of likely voters. The poll also showed that his opponent Hershel Walker came in with 47 percent.

Among Independent voters, a full 48 percent intended to back Senator Warnock. Only 45 percent would vote for the Donald Trump-backed former football star, Herschel Walker.

Among voters over 50 and older, Walker took the lead with 52 percent to Warnock’s 46 percent. However, the well-known Georgia minister takes the greater number of women voters by a significant margin of 58 percent to 39 percent. That was what gave him his general advantages.

When Warnock’s image was queried, the result was an even split. Forty-seven percent had a favorable view of him and 47 percent had an unfavorable impression.

On the same issue, Walker did much more poorly. A full 49 percent viewed him unfavorably compared to his 39 percent favorables.

Atlanta resident Paul Phillips said Walker’s “ties to Trump,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

‘[Prove] he does not understand what is going on in this country. I love Herschel. I’m a University of Georgia alum and a longtime fan. But he’s not qualified to be a senator.’

When looking specifically at Independent voters, 48 percent said they would back Warnock compared to 45 percent who said they would back Walker.  Given that the poll’s margin of error was 4.4 percent, the two men are for all intents and purposes tied among likely Independent voters or carry a slim margin.

Incumbency is an advantage when it comes to the November midterm elections. An interesting consideration as a result of this AARP poll was that voters did not feel they had to vote for their own political party. As the midterms come closer, this factor should shake out more clearly.

One of Warnock’s strongest advantages was that his fundraising efforts brought in twice what Abrams brought in during the second quarter of fundraising.

The Cook Political Report, which is nonpartisan, called Warnock’s race a “toss-up.” This report indicated that the race was more competitive in November than most races.


Polling between Warnock and Walker was within the AARP Poll’s margin of error, which was plus or minus 4.4 percentage points, meaning that the candidates are essentially tied among voters. AARP used Fabrizio Ward & Impact Research to conduct the poll between July 5 and July 11 inclusive. It surveyed 1,197 Georgia voters.

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Even though Donald Trump threw his weight behind the former football star, whom he considered a long-term friend, Walker has shown a propensity for not fully accepting his personal responsibilities, which has not stacked up well against Senator Walker’s personal reputation.

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