Democrats Overtake GOP By Large Margin In 2022 Senate Fundraising


In recent fundraising reports, Reverend Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) raised $27M in campaign funding while his opponent, former football star Herchel Walker (R-GA) raised just $6.2M. However, it isn’t just this one high-profile race where Democrats have massively outraged Republicans in campaign fundraising for 2022.

Funding for the Democratic Party has outpaced GOP candidates in races across the state and up and down the ballot. While these funding gaps are expected in some races, such as the race between Warnock and Walker, but in other races, races that should be easily winnable by Republican candidates, the gap is proving consistent.

David Catanese author of the article “The Cavernous Cash Gap in Senate Races,” writes that:

‘These are not no name contenders. And these aren’t far-flung races in deep red states like Kentucky or South Carolina. They are the entire ballgame of the cycle. Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada — these are the states that will likely be decided by tens of thousands of votes.’

The fundraising also appears to be consistent in several races in other states. Another high-profile race, Republican J.D. Vance against Democrat Tim Ryan, with the former raising just $2.3M in comparison to the latter’s $9.1M.


‘Ryan’s early money edge – and Vance’s ongoing efforts to retire a cumulative $1 million in campaign debt, with $700,000 of that covering a personal loan he made to seed his run – was a cause of concern for several Ohio Republicans who were interviewed.’

While cases like Jaime Harrison (D-SC) versus Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a race in which the Democratic candidate outraged his opponent by a wide margin but lost the election, fundraising is clearly never a guarantee of victory. However, Democrats see the fundraising reports as a bright sign for the 2022 elections.

Senator Debbie Stabenow told POLITICO that the fundraising was a hopeful sign for races across the country.

‘It says enthusiasm, I think it says that people understand it’s the United States Senate that confirms judges, particularly in light of what’s happened.’