‘The Lincoln Project’ Rips Greg Abbott For Being A Failed Governor


The Lincoln Project has been critical of Texas’ Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) for a number of political failures, including the failure of the state’s power grid. The group of Republican communicators turned Democrats have pointed to him approving neighbors becoming bounty hunters of young girls and women who may have had an abortion. And then Abbott did not bother to attend the funeral of any of the 19 fourth graders or teachers who died in the state’s most recent mass shooting. Mourners sweltered under a record-breaking triple-digit heat.

Texans are certainly beginning to understand what The Lincoln Project has been pushing. Abbott is a failure. His opponent Beto O’Rourke is a winner:

‘Greg Abbott, more concerned with keeping his power than keeping yours on.’

Abbott did nothing to repair his state’s power grid as Texans continue to die under the vicious heatwave. This week, the manager of Texas’ grid Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) for “26 million customers or 90 percent of the state” called for customers to “voluntarily reduce electricity,” according to The New York Times.

Texas has an independent power grid not affiliated with any other state. So there has not been the shared responsibility other states experience. Abbott could have started efforts to join the shared electric networks, but he has not.

Instead, he urged Texans to hold their thermostats at 78 degrees. The purpose was to avoid rolling blackouts in the triple-digit heat before the grid reached its “maximum production capacity. And “slowed from all sources across the grid.”

The same Texas power grid failed in February 2021’s “severe freezing and cold temperatures in an unusually cold snap.” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was caught heading out to warmer climes. And a little boy froze to death in his bed. The Texas Tribune reported that the independent electricity generators slowed and then failed.

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Check out The Lincoln Project’s powerful video about the Texas power grid “failing again:”

‘The Texas power grid is failing again today which means @GregAbbott_TX must still be governor.’

At the same time, Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) coal wealth led him to walk away from President Joe Biden’s prime environmental legislation negotiations, which would give Dems a far better chance at winning in 2022 and 2024. He would not support funding climate change or taxing the very wealthiest people and businesses. The Democrats were furious with him, according to The Washington Post:

‘[M]arking a massive setback for party lawmakers who had hoped to advance a central element of their agenda before the midterm elections this fall.’

The environment continues to teeter as Abbott, Manchin, and others play politics with their constituents’ lives once again.

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