Hillary Clinton Rips GOP Over Their ‘Pro-Life’ Nonsense


Secretary Hillary Clinton pointed out that  “there is nothing pro-life” about forcing a child to give birth. That is cruel. The little girl who was 10 years old, was raped, became pregnant, and crossed state lines to have an abortion made news all the way to President Joe Biden’s desk.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for little girls to begin their periods between the ages of eight and 10, although that used to be unusually young. That means that they are able to become pregnant, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Secretary Clinton also pointed to the consequence of the Supreme Court’s far-right activism that has resulted in doctors fearing to treat a woman experiencing a miscarriage, hemorrhaging, and nearly dying before hospital attorneys will let her doctor provide treatment. That is cruel.

Clinton tweeted:

‘There is nothing “pro-life” about forcing a child to give birth or preventing a doctor from caring for a woman experiencing a miscarriage.’Screen-Shot-2022-07-19-at-11.28.01-AM Hillary Clinton Rips GOP Over Their 'Pro-Life' Nonsense Abortion Crime Featured Politics Top Stories

Another unintended consequence has been that many physicians have seen pharmacies refuse to fill prescriptions for drugs that treat other unrelated illnesses but also can be related to abortions.

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