‘The Lincoln Project’ Exposes Brazen Trump Guilt Ahead Of Jan. 6 Hearing


Ahead of this Thursday evening’s planned hearing of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot, The Lincoln Project shared a new video message on Twitter highlighting Trump’s guilt.

The new video specifically refutes defenses Trump’s made for the riot. “When are they going to discuss the MASSIVE ELECTION FRAUD that singularly led to the big turnout of people in D.C.,” Trump said on Truth Social in reference to the riot panel. (Obviously, there was no fraud of the sort Trump claims.) In the video from The Lincoln Project, a narrator says:

‘It was never about voter fraud. It was never a protest. It was always about holding onto power whatever the cost. They say in Washington, the truth is hard to pin down, hard to peel back the layers, that we’d never know the details of Trump’s plot to overthrow the election. But the truth is coming out, step by step, drop by drop, fact by fact. They planned it, from corrupt White House lawyers, to Republican officers in Congress, to the Fox Newsroom. And it all comes back to him, the mastermind, the cancer in the center of it all, the man who would kill his own vice president to hold on to the White House… Because then and now, it’s always been about one choice: America or Trump.’

Check out the video below:

Investigations at the Justice Department into the circumstances of January 6 are also continuing. Recent arrests of individual rioters include a woman from Oklahoma who swung a wooden pole with metal attachments at a door leading to the House of Representatives. Three friends of that woman, named Dova Alina Winegeart, provided information about her involvement in the violence of January 6 to federal authorities. One of the friends handed over text messages from Winegeart, including missives in which she basically directly laid out her intentions regarding going to the Capitol: “It’s our building. Not the governments. We are their bosses but get treated like dogs. I’m done with this government. It’s fight time non stop now. They asked for it,” Winegeart told the friend in the texts. Another recently apprehended rioter is 50-year-old Texas man William Hendry Mellors, who used bear spray against police.

They’re both facing serious charges. Winegeart’s include an apparent felony offense of destruction of government property, which carries up to 10 years in prison, and Mellors is facing a felony charge of assaulting, resisting, or impeding police with a dangerous weapon, which comes with up to 20 years in prison. Showing Trump’s personal involvement in the events on and surrounding January 6 has been a main focus of the House panel investigating the Capitol riot.

Vice chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) said at a recent hearing that an argument from Trump’s side has turned into the notion the ex-president “was manipulated by others outside the administration, that he was persuaded to ignore his closest advisers, and that he was incapable of telling right from wrong… This of course is nonsense. President Trump is a 76-year-old man. He is not an impressionable child. Just like everyone else in our country, he is responsible for his own actions and his own choices.” Trump was not in a position to somehow be reasonably said to have been in the dark about the well-documented security of the last presidential election, as Cheney outlined things. “No rational or sane man in his position could disregard that information [about the integrity of the election] and reach the opposite conclusion, and Donald Trump can not escape responsibility by being willfully blind,” Cheney added.