Josh Hawley Abandoned By Home Newspaper For Being A Traitor


The Kansas City Star published a new article ripping into the conduct of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) after new evidence of his actions on January 6 was revealed this week by the House committee investigating that day.

The evidence consists of apparent security footage showing Hawley briskly jogging away from danger as the Trump-incited mob stormed the Capitol. The thing is: Hawley personally helped incite the mob with an infamous raised fist in the direction of the demonstrators gathered in D.C. Perhaps even more conclusively, he also helped lead the charge in Congress to try and block the certification of key electoral votes Biden won, and the deception he helped perpetrate directly fueled the murderous riot. The contrast between these already known actions and what the January 6 committee revealed this week is striking.

“But funny as the visual of the self-proclaimed manly senator’s immediate retreat was, there’s absolutely nothing amusing about Jan. 6, 2021,” the Star article states, later adding: “We said that day Hawley has blood on his hands for his role in perpetuating the lies that drove thousands of people to violence. That remains true.”

They continued: “Hawley has never apologized for attempting to reinstall a man who everyone around him knew had lost the election, as witness testimony continues to confirm. Surely the Yale and Stanford grad isn’t gullible enough to believe the craven lies about tampering with voting machines and dead people casting ballots that ooze through social media. And that’s the reason watching Hawley racing away from the Capitol invaders struck so many people as blackly hilarious. Saluting the Trump posse was politically expeditious for him before the siege began. Yet once he realized his own safety was in real danger from the angry revolutionists swarming the building, he hotfooted it away from “his” people to the protection of the security forces charged with protecting him. Where’s that fist in the air now?” The debacle indicates the political expedience underlying so much of what Hawley was doing. When threats of Hawley’s own making suddenly emerged, he quickly left.

The article from the Star also suggests the riot committee could get close to Hawley in its continuing investigation. “Since Trump left office, many insiders have revealed in interviews and tell-alls that his administration really was as unethical and chaotic as its worst detractors claimed all along…. History will not look kindly upon the dead-enders who continued to defend Trump long after it became apparent his conduct was indefensible,” the paper says. “When Cheney is saying even more birds are singing, believe her. Sen. Josh Hawley might not fear a little mockery of his hasty flight from Capitol marauders. But he might be justified if he’s afraid of what emails or text messages some previously-loyal staffer might be considering turning over to the House committee. Stay tuned to the hearings.” It’s not just Hawley, of course: there have been almost zero indications of remorse from members of Congress who voted against certifying key electoral votes from Biden, a move that upheld the very same lies that fueled deadly Capitol violence. Read more at this link.