Trump Supporter Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud In Colorado


It never pays to submit a ballot for someone else. Barry Morphew of Colorado was so eager for Donald Trump to win that he not only voted in the 2020 presidential election for himself, but also for his missing wife. And he was already charged with her murder.

The Colorado man explained to the FBI the reason for casting his wife Suzanne’s ballot, according to KKTV:

‘Just because I wanted Trump to win. I just thought, give him another vote. I figured all these other guys are cheating.’

The defendant threw around phrases Trump had been using such as “rigged election.” He claimed he did not know double-voting was illegal. And not only that, he knew that she would have voted for Trump, too, according to ABC News:

‘Suzanne Morphew was reported missing on Mother’s Day in 2020 after she did not return from a bike ride near her home in the Salida area in southern Colorado.’

Morphew was arrested a year ago for her murder, so he was conveniently already in police custody regarding his wife’s sudden disappearance. Even though he was charged with murder, the case was “dismissed without prejudice.”  The reason? The police could not find her body, as revealed by his case file.

Yet he managed to whittle the double-voting charge down to a year’s probation under supervision and was fined and assessed court costs of $600, The Denver Post reportedHe had been charged with trying to “influence a public servant and elections” charge. His attorney arranged for him to have a plea deal to a much lesser charge, pleading guilty to forging his wife’s name.

His court documents read:

‘On May 6, 2021 the Defendant was brought before the Court on charges including the First Degree Murder of his wife, Suzanne Morphew. To date Ms. Morphew’s remains have not been found.’

Screen-Shot-2022-07-24-at-9.22.24-AM Trump Supporter Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud In Colorado Crime Donald Trump Featured Politics Top Stories

‘On September 17, 2021, after the Honorable Judge Murphy found probable cause for the charges listed in the indictment, but declined to find proof evident presumption great, the Defendant was granted a bond that was quickly posted.’However, the court did not pronounce him guilty to the murder charge. That meant that should his wife’s body or other evidence appear, the case could be reopened.’

It still remains possible that her body would show up one day.

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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