‘The Lincoln Project’ Fact Checks GOP About Biden Economic Success


President Joe Biden has earned his place in history as he “created one of the strongest economies” yet. But somehow the Republicans manage to walk in lockstep propaganda rather than legislating. And Democrats have a messaging problem. Take a look at the economy that our president turned around while juggling at least a dozen crucial balls. As The Lincoln Project noted about our president’s successes, “The numbers don’t lie.”

Its video shows President Biden out in the field with American workers in the areas of energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, and more. Plus 90 percent of the 6.6 million jobs he created this year do not require more than a high school degree.

Just last month, he created 1.2 million. Dems need to discount this recession talk. Never has America faced a recession during strong growth on the labor side.

Most important, President Biden has been providing more relief to bring down costs for American families. To that end, he brought gasoline prices down 70 cents per gallon last month. He is also working to allow competitive Medicare prescription drug prices.

Third, Congress needs to pass the president’s semiconductor bill. That will bring manufacturing relief that can ripple through the economy, including bringing back more union jobs.

The Lincoln Project showed just some of the disasters POTUS has had to face this, in less than two years in office:

  • An attempted coup
  • The COVID virus pandemic
  • The war in Ukraine that has driven up the price of a barrel of oil
  • Republican legislators embracing the Trump autocracy, not our democracy and the freedom it brings
  • The COVID virus pandemic
  • And an attempted coup.

Check out The Lincoln Project’s video is below:

‘The numbers don’t lie. President Biden has created one of the strongest economies in American history. He built us back better. Thank you ‘

But President Biden cannot do this alone. Americans can spread the word.

Featured image a screenshot via Twitter

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