Ukraine Re-Takes Critical Territory Near Kherson During Bold Offensive


Along with a recession that has hit nearly every country in the world following COVID-19, the country of Ukraine is also suffering an ongoing invasion by Russian forces at the command of Russia President Vladimir Putin. Although Russia is much larger and wealthier than Ukraine, the smaller country has made some gains in their pushback.

On Monday, The Kyiv Independent reported that, after having been attacked when Russia launched a cruise missile, was able to destroy a Russian S-300 battery in the region of Kherson Oblast. The victory was celebrated by the Ukraine people and their military as one more near impossible act in their war with Russia.

Head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine Natalya Humenyuk said that:

‘We use fire control to [suppress] logistical routes as [the Russians] try to hide the delivery of ammunition under the guise of humanitarian supplies. This is similar practice to what we know from actions in the Donbas. But they don’t have large capacities now and don’t have the opportunity to use the logistics routes we now control. So, this creates conditions for our advantage to become greater and greater.’

As Ukrainian soldiers continue to move through Kherson, military reports say that Ukraine expects to take back the region by September. In the ongoing struggle, the Ukrainian military and government have not given up on their hopes of maintaining independence.

Humenyuk also said that:

‘We are not standing still. We are making progress, but results can only be announced after they are confirmed… Our positions remain strengthened and strong.’

When the Russian army attempted to respond to the Ukrainian victory, the Ukrainian military destroyed a command and operation post set up by the Russians in Kherson. The move is expected to disorient the enemy and force them to fall back and reassess their ongoing battle.

Accirdubg to Humenyuk:

‘We continue our work, and [the Russians] have retreated back to the extreme line of defense, which they have equipped and strengthened with reinforced concrete structures,’