Footage Of Ivanka Confirming Donald’s Guilt Revealed By Jan 6 Probe


In a startling compendium of new footage shared this week by Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.), who’s on the House panel investigating the Capitol riot, Ivanka Trump confirms it was evidently her father, ex-President Donald Trump, who made alterations to a copy of post-riot remarks — alterations indicating he was resistant to even calling for rioters’ prosecution.

The seemingly originally printed document states, speaking for the then-president: “I am directing the Department of Justice to ensure all lawbreakers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law” — but that’s all crossed out. At another point in the prepared remarks, the document states: “To those who engaged in acts of violence and destruction, I want to be very clear you do not represent me. You do not represent our movement.” Starting after the word “destruction,” that’s all also crossed out — providing a remarkably on-point outline of how Trump was approaching what happened. He resisted even disowning the rioters, according to available information. Asked by someone on staff at the riot investigation committee if she recognized the handwriting on the page, Ivanka said: “It looks like my father’s handwriting.” The footage is from her appearance before the House panel.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband who — like the former president’s daughter — worked on the Trump team, was also asked by a committee staff member about the alterations. “Do you know why he wanted that crossed out?” the questioner asked in reference to particular markings. Kushner said he didn’t know the reason. “It took more than 24 hours for President Trump to address the nation again after his Rose Garden video on January 6th in which he affectionately told his followers to go home in peace. There were more things he was unwilling to say,” Luria summarizes in a caption for new evidentiary footage released this week. The document containing the remarks prepared for Trump after January 6 and showing the kinds of things he didn’t want to say seems to be a critical element in conclusively showing his intent — which could be relevant to a potential future criminal case. Check it out below:

The committee already revealed other portions of testimony from Ivanka and Jared’s appearances before their investigators, but it’ll only be later — presumably after the underlying investigation basically entirely wraps up — when the panel is slated to release copies of all their numerous interviews with witnesses.

In the meantime, the committee recently wound a high-profile series of public hearings to an end, but it’s planning to hold additional public proceedings later this year — seemingly (significantly) before Election Day in the midterms. They’ve already revealed all sorts of key details, such as that Donald was evidently intent on going to the Capitol on January 6, even after he got in the presidential vehicle following his January 6 speech and was pushed by the head of his Secret Service detail to go to the White House instead as dangerous conditions developed elsewhere. It’s not entirely clear what Trump would’ve actually done at the Capitol. According to former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, he was also accepting of violence to the point he wanted magnetometers removed from the security process for his D.C. rally that day.