Mike Pompeo Snubs Trump To Testify Before Jan 6 Committee


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo figured heavily in the Trump administration but he has been almost missing in action since leaving office. Now we learn that he will be testifying before the House January 6 Select Committee behind closed doors in the near future.

With 26-year-old Cassidy Hutchinson’s brave testimony, the flood gates did indeed open, as Vice Chair Liz Cheney (R-WY) said. Hutchinson was former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ right-hand woman.

Hutchinson testified that she remembered Pompeo talked to Meadows about invoking the 25th Amendment. History showed how it would have removed an debilitated president from office via his own cabinet, according to ABC News. She said:

‘And from what I understand, it was more of a — this is what I’m hearing, I want you to be aware of it, but I also think it’s worth putting on your radar because you are the chief of staff. You’re technically the boss of all the cabinet secretaries. And you know if the conversations progressed you should be ready to take action on this.’

She continued, indicating that Pompeo contacted Meadows on that fateful day, January 6. It was to alert a man who appeared almost catatonic in face of Trump’s attempted coup. The secretary told the former chief of staff that people were talking. And the Cabinet could use that amendment as a way of taking the extremely derelict president out of office.

Pompeo, who had political aspirations to run for president prior to Trump’s failed coup, has been placed on the schedule to speak to the January 6 Committee shortly, ABC News resources said. Doing so meant that the House Committee has been edging ever closer to Trump as it pulled in the most senior members of the ex-president’s Cabinet and staff.

The end result of the Select Committee will be a public report. Once that is released, the January 6 Committee has just 30 days to wrap up its work. At this point, the release of the report appears to be headed toward a time where it will be most effective, just before the midterm elections in November.

Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show has been particularly insightful. ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent Jonathan Karl wrote in his book that former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Pompeo were the ones who began the conversation of using the 25th Amendment to take a dangerous man from the Oval Office. Pompeo appeared to be one of the few who had maintained a good relationship with Trump.

Although the Select Committee has finished its summer season, it is by no means finished with its work. In a massive undertaking, these legislators and their staffs have been culling through mountains of documentation. Plus they have been interviewing an ever-growing number of witnesses to Donald Trump’s attempted coup.


A much slimmed-down, nearly unrecognizable Pompeo has been urging GOP legislators to support President Biden’s CHIPS-Plus bill, according to The Punchbowl Newsletter.

Certainly, the former secretary would benefit from attaching himself to a “$280 billion package designed to aid both domestic semiconductor chip manufacturing and U.S. high-tech research.”

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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