Trump Has Insecure Freak-Out After ‘NY Times’ Shows He’s Old News


The New York Times recently published a new piece from columnist Ross Douthat titled “Why Trump Is Weakening.” It deals in large part with the current state of Trump’s potential for success in the 2024 presidential race — and as could be expected, Trump subsequently flipped out.

Trump released a long, angry screed tearing into the column. In his remarks, he focused in large part on the record of success for his personal endorsements in the 2022 midterm elections cycle, although again, the article from the Times hinged on how well Trump might do — or not do — in the next presidential race against potential challengers including Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. As could also be expected with the former president’s reaction to the Times article, he sounded delusional. He spoke of having some kind of historic “Endorsement power,” when there’s little apparent concrete evidence he’s some kind of special fluke of history in terms of how often his endorsed candidates win.

“Incredible how The New York Times just never gives up. One of their third-rate columnists wrote a story on Saturday saying that, despite almost universal victories in every major race, Trump may be losing his power. The article, written by Ross Douthat, doesn’t cover “minor” events like the fact that on Tuesday, in the Great State of Maryland, Dan Cox, a person not known but strongly Endorsed by me, absolutely destroyed the Endorsed and highly campaigned for candidate of RINO Governor Larry Hogan. This was a big upset. Fox News said it couldn’t happen!” Trump complained Tuesday. What about the fact David Perdue, the Trump-endorsed candidate in the GOP gubernatorial primary in Georgia, recently lost to incumbent Brian Kemp by over 50 percent? Trump didn’t mention Perdue.

“[Just] like The New York Times got a Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax (only to since report that the story was a FAKE, it was a made up fairytale of zero truth or consequence), their story about my possible “weakening” power is Fake News, that doesn’t mention any of these recent Victories. P.S., The Times should give up its “manufactured” Pulitzer Prize for reporting on Russia, Russia, Russia, which was the exact opposite of the facts. They got it all wrong. The only thing they should get a Pulitzer Prize for is writing Fake News. Likewise, The Washington Post!” Trump angrily added. The New York Times didn’t “report” that Russiagate — as one might call the scandal of Trump’s connections to Russia — was a “hoax.”

‘I will say that there are disadvantages to having this never before seen Endorsement power. I endorsed Mitch McConnell, who was going to lose in a record fashion, and he ended up winning,” Trump added. There is no evidence McConnell was about to lose before Trump’s endorsement. Some polling showed a close race, but it’s far more likely — just on a basic level — that a poll or two were off-base than that much of the entire state of Kentucky turned against McConnell and then turned back only when Trump said people should vote for him. Just like before, Trump sounds pathologically narcissistic.