Trump Melts Down After Merrick Garland Confirms Jan 6 Investigation


As could be expected, Trump lashed out at the news that actions of his are under investigation by the Justice Department. The department is looking into Trump’s actions in the context of its broader investigations into attempts to undercut the 2020 presidential election. Overall, it’s particularly focused on issues including the scheme to assemble fake electoral votes for Trump.

“Just more disinformation by the Democrats, like the Russia, Russia, Russia Scam, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, the long running Mueller Report, which ended in No Collusion, and so much more. Now that we have found the answers to these crooked, election changing events, why is the Justice Department not prosecuting those responsible? Plenty of time left!” Trump ranted on his alternative social media platform known as Truth Social early Wednesday. One of the key elements of Trump’s post-election behavior under reported investigation by the Justice Department is the potential extent of his personal involvement in the fake electoral votes scheme. It’s already clear that he had some role in it: Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Ronna McDaniel told the House committee investigating the Capitol riot that Trump called her and put attorney John Eastman on the phone to discuss the “contingent electors.”

“People forget, this is all about a Rigged and Stolen Election,” Trump added on Wednesday. “But rather than go after the people that Rigged and Stole it, they go after the people that are seeking Honesty and Truth, and have Freedom of Speech, and many other defenses, on their side! Justice Department should look at The Crime of the Century. Evidence is massive and irrefutable!!!” Obviously, that’s all nonsense, and Trump’s delusional. In the same stretch of posts on Wednesday morning, he also spoke about post-election calls he placed to Georgia government figures — calls helping spark investigative interest in him.

“The Georgia phone calls were PERFECT,” Donald ranted. “Many people and lawyers, on both sides, were knowingly on the one call, I assumed the call was taped, there were Zero complaints or angry “how dare you” charges made during the call, and no “hang ups” by anyone aggrieved or insulted at what was said. THEY WERE PERFECT CALLS. I was just doing my job as President, and seeking Fairness and the Truth. The Election was Rigged and Stolen!” It’s kind of remarkable Trump thinks the fact nobody hung up on the then-president of the United States is some kind of meaningful evidence the calls were “perfect.” It’s not even as though the figures he was calling were Democrats or even just stark opponents: Brad Raffensperger, the Republican Georgia Secretary of State, voted for Trump.

Meanwhile, investigations into Trump and his actions are continuing despite his complaints. Two former top Pence aides recently testified before a federal grand jury, and in Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is making progress. Besides the fake electors scheme, areas of federal investigation that The Washington Post identifies based on sources’ revelations could ensnare Trump include pressure on the Justice Department to take corrupt action after the last election and the potential perpetration of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding (a crime). There’s been relatively consistent pressure from key figures like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who serves on the House riot panel, for the Justice Department to take more aggressive investigative action against Trump.