Ukrainians Obliterate Key Russian Supply Line With US Weaponry

They just obliterated the key Antonivskyi Bridge using the latest American long-range rocket launch system, the HIMARS. The Ukrainian military finds these rocket launchers allow them to reach more pointed attacks than the equivalent Russian weaponry.

The bridge the Ukrainians took out crosses the Dnieper River, which is located in the southern Russian-occupied region. Finally, the Ukrainian military is on the offensive.

HIMARS enables the Ukrainians to fire more rapidly, is more precise, and is able to reach much farther than the previous artillery.

Defense and Security reporter with The Kyiv Independent Illia Ponomarenko is from Donbas. He wrote:

”Reportedly, we have another heavy Ukrainian strike upon the Antonivsky Bridge, the key Russian supply line in occupied Kherson. This begins to look A LOT like the thing everyone is expecting.’

Now the Russians will have to cross a bridge across the dam of the hydroelectric plant in Kakhovka, according to the Associated Press (AP). Last week the Ukrainians attacked that bridge and badly damaged it but not enough to prevent cars and foot traffic. Most importantly, the Russian trucks cannot traverse it.

Spokesperson for the Ukrainian military’s Southern Command, Nataliya Gumenyuk spoke on Ukrainian television saying that the Ukrainian military now has the capability of “surgical strikes.”

Ukraine’s presidential advisor Mykhailo Podolyak tweeted:

‘[O]ccupiers should learn how to swim across [the Dnieper River or] leave Kherson while it is still possible. There may not be a third warning.’

Even as the Ukrainians took out the bridge in Russian-occupied territory, President Vladimir Putin’s military remains in the eastern portions of Ukraine. Russia is being held back “in the face of ferocious Ukrainian resistance.”

Donetsk province regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko appeared on television and said his people had no gas nor power. The Russians stopped the water, too, in some parts of the area:

‘The Russian army is using scorched-earth tactics in attacking the Ukrainian cities.’

Governor of Dnipropetrovsk Valentyn Reznichenko said:

‘Chaotic shelling has no other goal but to sow panic and fear among the civilian population.’

Donetsk is now the Russians front line. They have been targeting hotels and killing civilians. And the Ukrainians have a rescue operation underway.

Putin wants both the Donetsk and adjacent Luhansk provinces. They are called “the Donbas.” Russians have made modest gains in the northeast, too. But the Ukrainian fighters want all of that area returned to them.

The Institute for the Study of War indicated, the AP reported:

‘Russian forces were unlikely to occupy significant additional territory in Ukraine “before the early autumn.”’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that his military killed almost 40,000 Russian soldiers. And “tens of thousands more were wounded and maimed. Russians said last March “1,351 troops were killed in action and 3,825 were wounded.” There has been no further reports from them.

Screen-Shot-2022-07-27-at-8.26.12-AM Ukrainians Obliterate Key Russian Supply Line With US Weaponry Featured Military Politics Terrorism Top Stories

The Russians continue with their terrorist attacks targeting Ukrainian civilians, which Zelenskyy has called “war crimes.”

Screen-Shot-2022-07-27-at-10.20.02-AM Ukrainians Obliterate Key Russian Supply Line With US Weaponry Featured Military Politics Terrorism Top Stories

Featured image is a screenshot via Twitter.

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